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Default F-15 basic combat guide

Hey everyone,

I've written an introductory yet comprehensive guide about combat in the F-15. For those of you who browse the forums on a smartphone, it's very data-intense due to many images and some GIFs, so be sure you're on wifi! While this information is valuable for Multiplayer, it applies to both singleplayer and multiplayer fights. However no multiplayer specific things have been mentioned.

My complete guide is now published as an article on mudspike


Want a PDF? Find it here.


German translation by Linol_Germany


The original Mudspike thread with discussion


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Thanks! This is damn good!
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Very informative guide. Well done!
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From a beginner Eagle pilot's perspective that guide looks clear and comprehensive. Great work!
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Yes great work, look forward to giving it a read.
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Great job! I'd call that more than a beginner's guide. I especially liked your detail on the pulse-Doppler radar.

Have you thought about releasing this in PDF format?
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The second sentence... "takes weeks to months to master compared to years with full DCS modules".

Do you know what mastery really means? Many pilots with years and years of Eagle experience don't even come close to reaching mastery in a single aspect of flight or combat, let alone total mastery.. I'm not sure there even exists a person in the DCS community who could be called a real master of all aspects of flying and fighting in the F-15C.

Considering the spectrum of combat complexity, I would claim it is currently the widest in F-15C, easily surpassing all high fidelity modules and slightly surpassing the Russian FC3 fighters. This is because of the Eagle's superior kinematic, sensory, and weapons capabilities. With great capability comes great complexity.
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Dropping tanks is done using "LAlt - R" and it will drop all tanks at once. You don't want to have any tanks when going in to a dogfight. "LAlt - R" don't jettison weapons so it is safe to use.

Dumping fuel from internal tanks is done with the "R" key.

Good guide
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It's absolutely brilliant, very informative! I really like your writing style, and your explanations are very understandable.
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