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Default A-1H Skyraider

Hello everyone.

As some of you might know, I've been working on modding in DCS for a while now. I'm also a member of the hoggitDev team, with whom we're working on bringing the A-4E to DCS. You can check out our work here. I can also tell you that this month's update is going to be a big one!

I'm happy to announce that I am now also working on a fully functionnal Douglas A-1H Skyraider.

The A-1 Skyraider (originally named AD-1) is a prop driven, carrier based, attack aircraft. It's propelled by the 18 cylinder R3350 engine, the biggest piston engine ever mounted on a single engine aircraft.

The Skyraider is fitted with 15 hardpoints to carry its payload. It could actually carry a bigger bomb load than a B-17! But its payload wasn't limited to bombs, it also included rocket pods, gun pods, cluster bomb dispensers, flare dispensers, nuclear bombs, fuel tanks, refuelling pods, etc... There was a saying that if something was used by the US Navy, it has been carried by a Skyraider at some point. The aircraft is also fitted with four 20mm cannons and a total of 800 rounds.

With its impressive capability and its historical use, I think that the A-1 will fit perfectly within DCS, especially for the Korea and Vietnam wars era.

This particullar model will be an A-1H (AD-6), which was build at 700+ units. It was used both by the US Navy, the USAF and the VNAF. I'm aiming for late 60s / early 70s avionics, which was roughly the period of the transition of the aircraft between the 3 listed corps.

Features will include :

-Highly detailled aircraft model, including both the exterior and interior of the aircraft.

-Highly detailled damage model.

-Highly detailled cockpit model.

-Clickable 6 DOF cockpit and accurately simulated instruments and avionics.

-Accurate flight model, including the flight behaviour of the aircraft and its R-3350-26WB engine.

-Accurate weapon load.

Textures are coming along nicely and should be ready soon. I'll post more once they're done.

If you want to find out more about the aircraft, here's the wikipedia page.

If you want to help me out in my project, please send me a PM.

Note that this project is not related to HoggitDev in any way. HoggitDev is still fully dedicated to the A-4E.

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That is awesome. One of my favorite aircraft of all time.
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Absolutely yes.

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Please name it DCS: Sandy
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Nice! Best of lucks to you!
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Very interesting!

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awesome! thank you!

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Good luck with the project, my favourite US aircraft, first day buy

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Thanks for all your support !

Also, for those that wondered, yes, it will have one of these.
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