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Default Announcing Tu-22M3 Backfire by Black Cat Simulations

Oleg Kovalev (3dArtistExtreme) and I have teamed up to create an ambitious Tu-22M3 mod.
Oleg's work ( speaks for itself. I'm bringing systems programming and flight dynamics experience, plus an insane willingness to translate thousands of pages of Russian documentation.

Some highlights:

- The State Aviation Museum of Ukraine is providing substantial technical assistance and access to their own Tu-22M3. This effort would have been dead without access to the real thing, so our thanks to them.

- All four crew positions will be modeled to incredible detail, visually and functionally. We will accommodate multi-crewing during multiplayer sessions, but a single player will be able to switch between the four positions. The Tu-22M3 was specifically selected over other aircraft to allow a single player to take on multiple roles without becoming overloaded, or needing to be in two places at the same time during critical moments during the mission.

- 6DOF, clickable cockpits front and rear. Give Oculus your money now; this airplane will suck without it.

- Custom flight model including FBW, non-linear stall behavior, transonic and supersonic effects on the airframe and propulsion, and wing sweep and elasticity effects.

- A modern NPSS propulsion model of the 3-spool NK-25 engine itself, plus inlet effects like ramp positioning, spill doors and secondary intake door motion based on inlet physics.

- Extremely detailed systems, to include fuel balancing (like the Concorde and Tu-144), fully functional attack radar and radar warning receiver scopes, TV remote optical bombsight, navigation, hydraulics, electrical system, pneumatic system, modeled system damage effects, the list goes on.

- Release dates TBD. This is DCS.

Updates will be spotty, as we will be busy, and a website is a low priority, but trust us, the light is on at the virtual office.

Thanks to all the present developers who provided advice about how to proceed, and perhaps more importantly, the pitfalls to avoid.


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awaiting news team
More news to the front
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wow, nice news

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Nice, good luck!
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Good luck guys sounds awesome. Really hope you pull it off!

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The weapon load of this thing is impressive. Also, the tail gun might be fun.
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Good luck
Speed is life !!!
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Nice. I can't wait!
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Good luck!
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Looking really forward to this whole project!
I know it`s gonna be intense and challenging, but one thing I know for sure it`s possible to pull it off
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