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View Poll Results: What single element would most improve your enjoyment of DCS World?
4th generation, multirole fighters 278 19.23%
Dynamic campaign system 540 37.34%
New combat theater maps 153 10.58%
Improved multiplayer with dedicated server and online performance tracking 140 9.68%
New and improved air traffic control system 56 3.87%
New and improved effects and audio and visuals 44 3.04%
More content in the form of missions and campaigns 23 1.59%
Other. Please list in discussion 29 2.01%
New helicopters, like attack helos 114 7.88%
Older era aricraft from WWII to Vietnam 69 4.77%
Voters: 1446. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11-01-2015, 07:46 PM   #21
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I'm glad to see that the interest in "old stuff" is so low. (C'mon guys you have plenty of WWII sims!)
Waiting to build a F/A-18C home-pit...
ex - Swiss Air Force Pilatus PC-21 Ground Crew
SFM? AFM? EFM?? What's this?

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More well crafted campaigns. Scripted or otherwise.

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Old 11-01-2015, 07:47 PM   #23
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I think a dynamic campaign would give the biggest breath of fresh air to DCS
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Realistic Navy Ops O=)

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you will see me like a crazy guy but.....
we'got modern ground attack planes (A-10, SU-25) , also modern fighters
can we have a old era ground attack plane ?
a P-38 would be great to fight with Me-109 and FW-190 D9
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I would really be interrested in the developpment of the word "WORLD" - of DCS world.

Some people calls for Dynamic Campaign, but even before talking about this, I think work should continue on Combined Arms side of things :

-Infantry needs to be implemented. the current soldier modeling is just impossible to use as it. I think infantry entity should get tracked per "squad", like games such Combat Mission, Steel Beast Pro, wargames and some others. This trick should allow more infantry unit without significant impact on CPU/network. Whatever fancy plane or tanks you have infantry is the key of the war

-World AI (not even talking plane).
the game actually feature a a great level of detail on ground vehicle, that is not seen in any other simulator. However, ground stuff is just sitting brainless thing. When you are striking a tank platoon or IFV platoon, it should be able to take some basic decision such as getting under a tree line or a forest if struck by plane, or if attacked by tanks or helis, take hull down position. DCS already feature LOS check code - this hull down feature calculation shouldn't be hard to tackle.

To conclude after those two examples - This game offer great flying experience, and my point is that giving a more life into the ground world will give a better experience for those flying above.

Thank you for reading and great work on 1.5

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Old 11-01-2015, 07:48 PM   #27
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Originally Posted by FalconPlot16 View Post
My nick is old from falcon bms. But i stopped flying F16. İ dont think devs won't add F16 in the game. [sorry for my english]
Oh ok. I too would like to see an F-15E.
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Dynamic Mission / Campaigns would be it for me, way ahead of 4th gen multiroles.

There are some 4th gen multirole aircraft I would love to play with, but what can be added by more dynamic and continous missions/campaigns, possible for both single and multiplayer alike, outweighs those aircraft by a very significant margin for me. Also prospect of doing new fighters at DCS level of realism (apart from a few fairly declassified ones like F-18 and F-16) is a questionable prospect in my opinion. Whereas, an improved mission system would benefit each and every module ever released, and will be released, even the most interesting aircraft module ever would only add itself to the sim.

That's just me anyway

Edit : Well I see new options, my choice still remains Dynamic campaign system but, I'd also love more pre 4th gen aircraft from 40s upto and including 80s . More plausible, and as far as I'm concerned more fun!
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Honorable Mention Mods:
A-4E & MB-339

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More Helo's and More Attention to Ground Forces (Player Controlled)
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Originally Posted by mig29movt View Post
I'm glad to see that the interest in "old stuff" is so low. (C'mon guys you have plenty of WWII sims!)
I think that's because he just added it to the poll. It wasn't an option at first.
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