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Default Questions for next DCS Stream

Dear all,

as already stated by Matt in the latest official update, we would like to collect your questions which you would like to have answered before we start the streams.

Please post your questions in this thread, we will then pick up to 10 which we will answer before the stream starts.

Be fair and post just one question and check if your question haven´t been answered alrready.

Thanks and have fun!
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For us artists that do liveries [and models...]

1] will they work without any modification or do we need to edit them?
General 3D modeling thread and reference sites
new UK liveries for planes, ships and MODS.
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Wags mentioned "Red Flag" campaign during the last stream. Can you expand what it will be like? For instance the air-to-air combat, will it be "simulated" in simulator, or are we going to shoot live ammo at "aggressors"?
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My question would be if you have any concrete plans to add new rain/icing/condensation effects to the canopies with DCSW2 ?

Basically, this also relates to the question about the weather engine posted earlier:

Originally Posted by VJS161_Fire View Post
Q: Yesterday, you talked about a new weather engine (IIRC). What can this new weather engine exactly?
IIRC The MiG-21 and the C-101 have it listed in the product description as a feature so far.

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This is 6am monday mornings for me! Oh well, totally worth it.

Q: Can Matt give us some back ground into ED - the structure of the teams around the world. Is there a team dedicated to each part of DCS etc. Perhaps a history of how this has changed over time. Nothing too indepth but it might help newer pilots understand DCS World development.

Q: Is there anything he can share regarding the plans for a dedicated server build. Once we have that the online community will go nuts!

Q: How does helmet mounted night vision and the target pods etc look in EDGE? Im particularly interested if BHOT and WHOT views look the same.

Q: As a mission maker how many AI do you generally add to a mission for balanced gameplay? 20-30 units?

Q: Can we see Las Vegas at night? What lighting technology is used to display so many lights efficiently?

Q: Can we get a combined arms view of the map and a look at infantry?

Q: What changes are coming for ATC? Is it the same system just in a new map or is it being overhauled?

Q: If ATC is a blocking bug is there any chance you'll ship an alpha with that code disabled?



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Thank you for the stream, Matt! DCS2 and NTTR looks really good!

Q1: Is it possible to record your screen directly, instead of recording the streamed video to avoid double compression and other issues?
Q2: I`m really curious about progress with weather and clouds and also want to see a different time of the day, different light conditions. (noon and morning with clear sky looks pretty close to reality!)
Q3: How mirrors are affecting FPS (they were off in the last stream)?
Q4: No terrain reflections on the water surfaces?

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Q: Given the large number of dry lake beds in the area, that in real life can be used as alternate emergency landing strips, will some areas of the map be safe to land on, or will the new NTTR map have the same ground characteristics as the current DCS map (i.e. jets cannot move once they're on the grass)
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Q: Any intention to include the Luxor's incredibly bright light? At night, you can see it shining high into the air. Would be a neat reference point to use during night time missions.

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Q: Are there any HUD improvements planned ie.

- symbology "glow" at higher luminosity settings
- russian aircraft HUD " symbology misalignment" and symbology font and size adjustments

-tracked target box misalignment and refresh rate improvements?
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Q: Will it be possible to save custom aircraft skins on the dedicated server?

So all clients will see the same custom skins without having to download and install them manually.
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