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Default Ranger79's Mod Pack

UPDATED 04/27/2016 (Confirmed working in newest DCS Versions)

For your mission building enjoyment, I present to you Ranger79's Mod Pack:
(Version 2.4.1).

- Some vehicles driver views cannot be used due window material issue.
- Many of the vehicles are not made for CA, but rather to enhance mission builders with a different variation. Please do not ask for driver views, etc if a vehicle is not driveable.

Added the Chassis definitions directly in the unit LUA, this removes the dependency on DB_Units_Cars.lua
Removed the Chassis folder and DB_unists_Cars.lua file
Removed Duplicate Sound Files that are already defined by default install of DCS
*Reduced the number of files in the mod to maintenance and changes distinguishable from DCS files
*Removed the _Backup copies of units these have been there a while and we have not needed them, standard maintenance cleanup

JSGME Version for latest DCS Versions as of 4/27/2016 Download Link HERE

(Units located under "Fortifications" unless otherwise specified)
Easily make templates and save for future use!

2.4 includes:

-Static C5 Aircraft
-Patrol HMMV with and without red emergency lights
-OshKosh ATV (CA ready) created by Lilkiki
-Oshkosh MTVR Mk23 (CA ready) created by Lilkiki
-Air Force One Static
  • Ammo Crate Pallet
  • Armored Security Vehicle (Black and Desert)**
  • Barbwire (8m & 25m)
  • Barracks Long
  • Concrete Jersey Barrier
  • Concrete Wall (various lengths)
  • Construction Barrier
  • Fudges Conc Barricade X20
  • Fudges Conc Barricade X10
  • Fudges Conc Barricade X3
  • Fudges Conc Barricade X5
  • Generator
  • Green GPM Tent
  • Green Living Trailer
  • Hesco Barriers (17m,35m,52m) Single Wide
  • Hesco Barriers (17m,35m,52m,260m) Double Wide
  • Insurgent Manpad Unit (located under Air Defense)
  • Large Tan Tent
  • Life Raft (located under Ships)
  • Medium Trailer Facility
  • Nato 50cal Tower**
  • Nitrogen Cart
  • Porta Jon (Blue)
  • Porta Jon (Green)
  • Restricted Area Sign
  • RG31 Mk5 (OD and Desert)** (Created by Stiltman and ExA)
  • Semi Truck (Blue and Red) (located under Unarmed)
  • Small Crates
  • Small Living Trailer
  • Speed Limit Sign
  • Stair Ladder A/C
  • Static Insurgent 12.7mm (DFP and non-DFP versions)**
  • Storage Hangar Long
  • Tan Tent 2
  • Tan Tent 3
  • Tan Tent 4
  • Technical 12.7mm (small and large truck versions)**
  • Traffic Cone
  • Trash Dumpster
  • Tree
  • Windmill (working) (located under Air Defense)

** - located under Armor

More pics: HERE

Location / How to Place Units in Mission Editor:

Hope this helps:

The location of all units is under the "Add or Modify Ground Vehicle Group" icon (tank)

Select the icon, choose your faction and go to "Fortifications" for most objects, vehicles are located under "Armor" and "Unarmed." Insurgent Manpad & Windmill are located under "Air Defence"

Place your unit

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Very nice!
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Yes, very nice indeed.
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Looks good, thanks for your effort

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great work! thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for your work and sharing!
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thanks for sharing
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thanks for sharing
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Great objects for mission design there Ranger! Should be in ED's package so all players got them
Windows 7 64 bit FTW!
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