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Default Hawk Sales Date and Cost Announcement

Hey guys,
I can't believe it's the middle of January already, this year is going to fly by, excuse the pun!!
Development of the Hawk is going very well and she is up and running in DCS World 1.2.7. with full weapons capability so all my stressing on that front is over, thank you ED!!!

This takes us to the next stage of development, BETA...yes you read that correctly

We have a small group of public testers that will become the first closed Beta testers alongside our dedicated VEAO testers team. They will be testing all aircraft functions to make sure it's purring like a kitten and biting like a tiger.

Which will then move us to the next stage, hmmm I wonder what that one is, suggestions anyone??

Following a team discussion last night and pending any natural disasters, zombie outbreak, IPR lawyers putting the breaks on or Tango getting hit by a bus; we are pleased to make the following announcement.

Hawk Open Beta will be released as an FC3 level aircraft with fully clickable cockpit before the end of February 2014!!

Confused? yes we thought you might be so please let me clarify.

We are still working on the AFM, in fact that's going very slowly so we will be releasing the open Beta version of the Hawk as an FC3 level aircraft (as it doesn't have AFM) but it will have the fully clickable cockpit as some of you have got used to in the public alpha release.
Should you not wish to use the clickable cockpit, we are looking at an option to turn that off/on.
Now some of you may argue that this is in fact a DCS level aircraft because of the fidelity of the systems and clickable cockpit but we felt that without AFM it would be unjust to call it DCS level.

So do we call it DCS:Hawk or simply Hawk or something else. We think in line with ED's FC3 products we will simply call it T.1A Trainer to differentiate this version from the full DCS AFM version.

Costings; well we have considered the cost of standard FC3 aircraft add-ons and cost of DCS level add-ons (current and future) and have taken a decision as it will come with fully clickable cockpit functionality.
The product will cost $39.99 and when we have the AFM version ready for release there will be a $10 upgrade charge should you wish to go for that.
Final DCS:Hawk product will be $49.99

We feel that is reasonably priced for what you will get in this version which is basically everything you would expect in a DCS level fidelity aircraft apart from AFM.

By releasing the aircraft next month and taking sales it allows us to further invest in the AFM programming. As you know I have fully funded development over the past few years but further investment is required and this is the best way to do it. We get investment and you get to fly the product, win win on both sides.

To clarify; this will be a paid-for BETA version. Some things will not be implemented fully yet and we will make it very clear at the time of selling what is included and what is still left to be completed.

Thank you again for all of your support and interest in our products.

Chris and the VEAO team.

Also please note that past competition winners will receive the FC3 Hawk and the upgrade to DCS:Hawk when it's available.

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So just place my credit card number here? Exciting next few months in DCS for sure, cant wait to try the Hawk out!
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Gimme gimme gimme.

Been waiting for this news for a while.

Happy days


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Great news!! Can you hear it VEAO?? $$CHA CHING$$ from my card to your account!!
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good work guys
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I'll take two please!
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Great news.

Awesome jet!
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I'll be waiting for the final DCS release with AFM before I actually buy, but great to see things moving forward.
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something isn't clear for me
for 39$ we get the fc3 version , and for 10$ more the fully clickable cockpit when ready ?
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