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Default Integrated Air Defense Script

The goal of this script is to enhance AI sam behavior as its one of the more obvious and useful features of the scripting engine. I've been working on it for a year now, and I'm sorry I've teased that I've been working on it for so long. Its taken way longer than it should have, but I guess that is what happens when your focus goes elsewhere whether it be mist, testing, or watching Star Trek on Netflix.

Documentation for the script is available here:
More thorough documentation will be added in the coming days.

How to use:
Script requires Mist v4 or higher to be initialized first.
Use a trigger to either run script or script file.

Use either iads.add() or iads.addByPrefix() to add sam sites to the iads network.
Both functions have one required variable and 1 optional variable.

Script should run fine with DCS World 1.2.6 or greater.

I do not consider this script to be 100% complete and I will eventually add more capability to it. However I feel it is functional enough to put out there for you guys to play with and give feedback on, but I have other reasons.

1. I started working on the script on 12/23/12 (23/12/12 for most of the world) and dabbled on it for a while until putting many many hours into it over the summer. I came close to releasing it but I discovered it wasn't releasable, since August I have avoided working on it until recently when I realized it would soon be a year since I started, so I have pushed to release it before the end of the year.

2. The script is open source and I welcome anyone who wants to modify it to whatever extent they want to add more features. Documentation of what all of the existing functions do will be available here:

3. I want to focus more on mist and other projects.

Attached are the script and a simple mission with lots of sams and 8 Su-25Ts with a SEAD payload. There is also a screenshot of what debug messages will look like. It is not recommended to leave turn that on for a normal game.

Tested in multiplayer in 1.2.6 with up to 110 sams and 100 AI targets and 2 clients. No noticeable synchronization issues occurred, but your mileage may vary with different mixes of clients and other AI within the mission.

Re-uploaded the sample mission to be updated for use in 1.5. Also updated the script due to a known scripting engine bug.

1/17/2019: Updated it to include SA-2 and Rapier information. Also removed debugging by default.
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Amazing.... THX...
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Thanks for sharing Grimes
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Mhhh, I'm thinking about adding a new tag in the auto-script for this.
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Thank you very much for this script and sharing it.
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Uhhhiii, another tool, thanks Grimes for sharing.
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Very nice!
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Awesome grimes... looking forward to trying it out!
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Fantastic work buddy! Congrats on release This should be stickied
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Sounds very interesting. Could you elaborate a bit more what the script does, tactics and procedures that are employed? Did you find a way to get better control over engagements of specific targets? That has been the number one reason why I didn't touch radar SAMs yet.
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