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Arrow Asset Extraction v1.2.4

Name: Asset Extraction v1.2.4
Mission type: SP / MP Coop (1 - 34 players)
Controllable: A-10A/A-10C/Ka-50/F-15C/P-51D/MiG-29/Su-25T/Su27/Su33/UH-1H

Quick Summary (5 lines):
  • Utilizes majority of DCS: World aircraft, all aircraft types (now including UH-1H Huey!)
  • Difficulty (number/type of enemies spawned) based on number of players in mission
  • Designed to be fun and engaging for veterans as well as new DCS: World pilots
  • Concept based on A-10C Singleplayer Mission "CSAR"; however, significantly expanded
  • Fully voice acted by Yours Truly


Download Asset Extraction v1.2.4


v1.2.4 - (August 17, 2013)
  • Fixed reported logic error with Blackhawk activation - they no longer spawn if any UH-1H are present in the mission

v1.2.3 - (July 31, 2013)
  • Fixed verification team spawn causing DCS crash to desktop due to v1.2.5 release slowing down group spawns
  • Fixed Pontiac flight only checking to see if Chevy 1-1 was present before deciding to proceed with their own rescue mission or not
  • Fixed Ford flight 'further tasking' groups (groups spawned during asset verification) so they no longer spawn unless their respective P-51 exists
  • Removed AAA spawns from the entrances to the valley if only UH-1H players are flying, makes the mission great for Huey pick-up practice runs
  • Changed a few spawn locations at Beslan for client aircraft

v1.2.2 - (May 27, 2013)
  • Fixed radio message triggers for A-10C (Hawg) Group
  • Made slight adjustments to 'reinforcement groups'
  • Adjusted detection zone around asset to (hopefully) eliminate very rare occurrence of rescue team not beginning the verification process

v1.2.1 - (May 19, 2013)
  • Modified a few enemy group waypoints to stop them from getting stuck while navigating

v1.2 - (May 18, 2013)
  • Added Pig Flight, 4x A-10C departing from Mozdok
  • Fixed "6DOF" / HUD scaling bug FOR Flaming Cliffs 3 aircraft (reported by IASGATG)
  • Repaired several bug fixes that did not save properly to v1.1
  • Repaired several modifications that did not save properly to v1.1
  • Updated dynamic verification spawning
  • Fixed mission victory conditions
  • Modified enemy CAP engagement conditions
  • Added friendly CAP flights over Beslan, Mozdok and Nalchik that only engage enemy units entering their airspace (North of Gizel)
  • Added enemy CAP flights to the south of the Russia/Georgia border. Don't stray into enemy airspace (or do, if you're looking for a fight)!
  • Added Radio Message to Coalition so any friendly plane group can clear Pontiac Flight in to extract
  • Changed activation behavior of UH-60 Blackhawks (Pontiac Flight).
    If at least one UH-1H exists and is alive, UH-60 group does not activate.
    If all UH-1H deactivate (users killed, get dropped, switch planes, etc) UH-60 group activates as long as their normal activation time has passed.

v1.1 - (May 16, 2013)
  • The UH-1H has been included as a flyable aircraft and, if there anyone is flying one of these slots, replaces the Blackhawks as the extraction team.
    Fly in to pick up the asset, drop off a verification team then take to the skies again to watch for enemy reinforcements!
    When they're done verifying the asset's identity, they'll call you back in for dust-off.
  • Re-recorded all dialog and used slightly different effects to hopefully make the dialog more understandable.
  • Added several "eye candy" events and static aircraft to make the mission feel more realistic.


For several years now the Russians have had an asset, code name "Rabid Bear", deep undercover in the Insurgent ranks.
Recently he has obtained documents and cartography that pinpoint several high value insurgent targets. Late last night the
asset escaped the insurgent controlled city of Coban and made his way East of the city to a bridge and is using it as cover
while he waits for extraction.

This morning, satellite photos showed a significant increase in enemy activity. They must have realized what happened.
Several groups of enemy units are set up as search parties no doubt trying to find, and most likely eliminate, Rabid Bear
before we can extract him from the area. Success of this mission will give us the intelligence we need to put a huge dent in
regional terrorism and therefore this is a joint allied forces mission.

Mission Briefing:
Two UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters (Pontiac) are standing by to depart Beslan at 0830 and make their way towards the bridge
east of Coban. They will take up a hover position just outside the valley and wait for an all-clear signal from friendly aircraft
before proceeding in for extraction.

If UH-1H (Chevy) pilots wish to take their place, we’ll ground the Blackhawks and let you boys extract the asset instead.
Chevy has a different flight plan than the Blackhawks, so pay attention to your section of this briefing.

Non-extraction aircraft are to ensure valley entrances are clear of enemy AAA, SAM and other units prior to clearing rescue
teams in to extract the asset. Aircraft are advised to return to Beslan for refueling and rearming prior to clearing helicopters
in for extraction. Stick to your flight plan: it has been designed to maximize chances for mission success.


* UH-1H (Chevy) *
Take off from Beslan and fly east following the railway until you hit the river that runs through Chermen then follow it south
until it forks at Tarskoye. Follow the right fork then turn west when you hit the mountains and continue towards Terk. Hold
short at Terk until you've been given the all clear to enter the valley and extract the asset by friendly forces, then egress
north following the river near the asset. Maintain a Northern heading when you reach the city of Gizel and you'll return to
Beslan - hopefully with the asset unharmed. Consider arming your birds in case anything unexpected pops up en route.


* SU-25T (Springfield) *
Equip your aircraft for SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses) and eliminate any radar SAM emplacements to the north
of the mountains then continue along your waypoints to line up on approach into the extraction zone. Destroy any enemy
anti-air presence at the valley entrances as well as around Coban.

* Ka-50 (Uzi) *
Follow your waypoints to fly an approach to the eastern entrance of the extraction zone then move in and engage enemy
units in and around the valley entrances to make sure we have cleared the way for Pontiac. Maintain visual contact on the
rescue helicopters during the extraction and provide them with close air support while they are verifying the asset’s identity.

* A-10C (Hawg, Pig) / A-10A (Boar) *
We have received reports of insurgent tank columns protected by Shilka AAA vehicles operating in the area. You are to fly
CAS and make sure any enemy armor in the area is eliminated. Maintain a close watch on the areas around the extraction
zone during the asset pick-up and keep our guys safe.

* F-15C (Dodge) / Su-27 (Klondike) *
* Su-33 (October) / MiG-29 (Talon) *

It is highly likely the insurgents will scramble several enemy fighters to engage our rescue aircraft. Your mission is to
maintain air superiority north of the Georgian border and engage any enemy fighters that threaten our extraction mission.
Be careful not to stray south into Georgia… enemy patrols in Georgian airspace are currently very heavy.

* P-51D (Ford) *
As retired Russian air force pilots and current P-51D enthusiasts we thank you for offering your personal planes and skills
to this mission. Several supply trucks have been reported by locals heading towards Coban from the city of Arhonskaya,
located just to the Southwest of Beslan airport. Your mission is to locate and destroy this convoy before it can deliver
additional troops or supplies to the insurgents in Coban. After the supply convoy has been neutralized, you are free to engage
targets of opportunity in and around Coban. Proceed with caution as your older aircraft will not hold up well to modern anti-air


Misc Info:
Started designing this mission when myself and a friend had A-10C and we had 4-5 other friends with just DCS:W and Su-25T
(free, friends not sure of wanting to invest in this game) but not many quality missions to play together.

This endeavor began as a mission for just those two planes, then a spring module sale later we had 3 A-10C pilots, 2 P-51D
pilots, 2 Ka-50 pilots and several of us now own FC3. I decided to expand the scope of the mission and try for a comprehensive
DCS: World experience as a way to let people fly what they like, enjoy the game and not have to worry about owning the "right"
modules to be able to play together.

GREAT mission to introduce pilots of the free Su-25T module to larger scope missions that don't *need* to be too "seriousface"
(although you can play it serious if you want to). Plenty for all aircraft to do and take part in while remaining a singular goal
oriented mission (all flights operate in the same area towards the same common objective).

Tips: Read the in-game situation, briefing and take a look at the included images.

Rescue helicopters hit a holding point and wait for clearance to proceed into a hostile area and retrieve a friendly unit. Take this
time to refuel and rearm your aircraft at a nearby airfield as enemy reinforcements may show up during the extraction...


This mission was designed to use all of the available modules within DCS: World. It can be flown alone or with a group as
enemy units spawn based on how many players are on the map. It is meant to be a fun mission for friends to fly together
and for seasoned DCS pilots to be able to introduce new players - who may only be willing to fly the free Su-25T until they
see whether they like the game - to a mission that has a larger scope than a simple training mission or target range.

I also wanted to try and avoid the pressure that comes with someone playing their first "serious face" mission.

Enemy units are visible on the world map (hit F-10). Friendly/enemy labels are also enabled.
You can toggle them on and off with LShift + F-10.

Lastly - I want you to have fun! Hopefully you can fly the aircraft you most enjoy flying (or learn how to pilot something you're
not too comfortable with) and enjoy yourself while doing so without feeling pressured to be an expert at DCS: World.

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Looks great! I didnt try it yet, but i want to! You wrote that the number of enemys vary by the number of used aircraft. How many aircrafts are needed for the mission to work properly? 4 or 2 or even 1? That way, is it possible to play this in SP without facing a whole army of enemys?
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Realized there was an announcements forum for new missions and decided to assimilate the beginning of my post into that format (since it includes all pertinent information in a nice easy to read way).

I would recommend at least one ground attack aircraft (IE: don't play by yourself in an F-15 unless you want a real challenge) because there are a few static AAA vehicles that must be dealt with before the rescue helicopters can survive the inbound trip to perform the pick-up as well as their outbound trip to get back home. The choppers will hold outside of the AAA engagement range and you need to use the "Radio > F10 - Other" to clear them in.

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So, in SP, it is you against a bunch, just not as many as would be present in
an MP mission with, say, 4 or more?

A little CAP-ing is a big help when rootin' in the weeds in a solo hog.

Either way, sounds good, I look forward to giving it a go tomorrow. Thanks for
making it available to us unwashed masses...


A tale of 2 hogs
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Sounds promising dude.
Gonna test it out this week alone and with a friend.

I will give some feedback afterwards :-)

Thanks for this mission.
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Originally Posted by Spectre_USA View Post
So, in SP, it is you against a bunch, just not as many as would be present in an MP mission with, say, 4 or more?
This is correct. In SP (and/or MP with any number of clients) groups of enemies are dynamically spawned for each plane in the area of operations. A-10's get tank columns guarded by shilkas, Su-25T's get Tunguska's, Ka-50's get groups of armor and infantry, etc. These groups don't spawn if those aircraft aren't being used. So you won't have a bunch of enemy fighters flying around trying to shoot you out of the sky unless you (or a friend) spawn in as an F-15.

There are also several light AAA trucks that guard the target zone that spawn regardless of what aircraft you're in. They need to be killed before you clear the rescue helicopters in for pickup. Can be taken out fairly easily by any of the ground attack aircraft but will tear up the helicopters if not dealt with.

The rescue helicopters don't take off until 30 minutes into the mission and will hover just outside of the range of these AAA trucks until you use the radio menu F-10 Other... option to send them in so there should be plenty of time to clear the way for them, land, refuel and rearm and head back to the extraction zone to provide them with close air support (they can hold at their hover point for quite some time).

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I really like your philosophy to this mission, especially that it encourages the flying of all module planes, encourages those who want to take a step up from beginner and has dynamic spawning depending on what you fly. Well done.

TrubshawRN -=SHREK 94=-
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Thanks for sharing the mission. We had some fun with it last night!

We are looking for Swedish members!
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Just had a first go at it with 3 KAs 1 Su27 and 1 A10C. Really great effort to produce such a complex mission. One enemy air craft fighting the Su crashed into the valley but only after it downed 3 of us!!!
All went well cleared all enemy then called up the Blackhawks with the F10 menu then DCS froze on us....not sure why but hey it happens.

Enjoyed what we did fly..thanks.
Shrek Squadron will try is again soon and report back.

Cheers & Thanks again

TrubshawRN -=SHREK 94=-
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Originally Posted by Trubshaw View Post

Enjoyed what we did fly..thanks.
Shrek Squadron will try is again soon and report back.

Cheers & Thanks again
Awesome! I'll be releasing v1.1 on Monday that includes the updated F10 menu code from Eagle Dynaics as well as being able to perform the extraction yourself in the UH-1H Huey helicopters.

Basically if anyone spawns in the UH-1H's, the Blackhawks simply won't activate and whoever is flying the Huey(s) will have to take over extraction duties. I've even scripted a dynamic verification team!

Should make things interesting! Also, there will be dynamic targets for the UH-1H's to engage while they wait for the ingress and egress into the valley to be cleared... but then again I've made the extraction run myself a few times in the Huey without any escort (those mini-guns are amazing against the AAA trucks).

Thanks for the feedback and I can't wait to get v1.1 into the wild.
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