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Default FreeFalcon - The End

As said in the title:

(Source: French website ''

"FreeFalcon Fans,

It has been my honor and pleasure to be associated with FreeFalcon these past few years and to serve as head of FreeFalcon. It is with reluctance that I now feel it is time to close the doors to FreeFalcon. Steve "Hustler" Wooters and myself have been in close consultation with each other other the past year and a half and we both feel the time has come where FreeFalcon has nothing more to contribute to the community. The, time, energy, and costs to maintain the website and server no longer serve the communities best interests.

Our development process has been active but we have reached a point where we have been unable to move forward in a way that would provide the sort of meaningful advances that we know you want and expect. Theater development while productive also lacks from significant progress because there just aren't enough active contributors to FreeFalcon dedicated theaters. Code development has for all intensive purposes been halted because we lost our current source code and were unable to develop a replacement to allow us to keep our current theaters and to fix existing shortcomings in crucial areas like stability, multiplayer, refueling, and AI. Lastly, the lack contributors to core material like models, skins, flight models, terrain tiles, campaigns, and data besides make for a very slow process.

On the bright side, FreeFalcon can lay claim to be one of the oldest and longest active development teams in Falcon history and took Falcon to new heights that perhaps the creators would have been proud of. Many people have contributed to FreeFalcon over the years I would be remiss if I didn't name and compliment at least a few of the truly bright stars; perhaps first and foremost among the group are Steve "Hustler" Wooters, Dr. Fred "Baldeagle" Balding, and Ron "Red1" Nair. Founders of FreeFalcon who started with a dream and made all of us dream even bigger.

There have been a large number of contributors that sit on that next tier of stardom; "CCC", Tom "Saint" Launder, Jim "JimG" Garwood, Tom "T-Rex" Perkins, Michael "Speaker" Bradley, Clayton "Aragorn" Noel, Alex "Red" Vallone, Stefan "Biker" Biker, Matheus "Seifer" Ribiero, Robert "Pumpyhead" Lozada, Jon "Nightfalcon" Xedis, Benny "BenBen" Wegmann, Jay "Bird" Ricardelli, Jean-Marie "Topolo" Langeron, Dave "Dewdog2" Wagner, Dave "WaveyDave" Cuthbert, Stefano "Qawa", Bob "Welshmadman" Owens, Brian "Ram22" Thomas,
Dave "Demer928" Emerson, Balazs "Molnibalage" Molnar, Tadeusz "Polak" Zukowski, Carlo "Khronik" Lafontaine, Rufus "RP" Parsons, Thomas "Lee" Lee, Hannes "Noname" Wagner, Eyran "Peled" Millis, Winston "RadicalDude" Young, Ataberk "Hailstorm" Portakal, Mike "Toonces" Loomis, Cemil "Eagle611" Ozturk, Stephan "Derstef" Willmes, and of course the "Snakeman" who paved the way for theater development for all forms of Falcon.

It would also be unfair to overlook the contributions of our many beta testers, with whom I have worked with only a handful and can only provide a short list of those capable souls who flew many an hour in the pursuit of excellence; Dave "Dewdog2" Wagner, Patrick "cptmtge" Harkins, Frits "Snail" Vanvorst, Stale "TheNorwegian" Almenningen, Jojo57, Thorston "Tom" Buss, Roberto "Ipergallo" Bagnasco, Balazs "Molnibalage" Balazs.

My apologies to the many others whom have been omitted because of my short tenure in a long lived organization.

What can I can say? It had to end sometime. We had a very good run, had a lot of fun, and made a some good friends along they way.
I hope FreeFalcon was able to provide you with something to enjoy, something to dream about, and something that engaged you for at least a short time and in doing so made your life just a little bit better.

What does the future hold for free and open development of Falcon as it heads into its 2nd decade? Put your eyes on BMS, once and perhaps for all, development rests with this very talented, smart, and energetic group of people who have made it their mission to continue seeking excellence and I hope you all will support them as they take the Falcon community to the future.

Best Wishes,
Anthony "Ranger822" Thomas"
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Very sad, but it had to happen sometime. I, like so so many others on here spent hrs enjoying Falcon 4, and then free falcon came along and improved it so much more, and then you also had BMS doing the same, I honestly believe if it wasnt or the talents of that community Falcon would never have enjoyed the lifespan that it has and still does have.

I salute everyone of these guys, hopefully they are all still involved with the flightsim community because it people like these that make our small niche area what it is.

Happy flying.


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Cheers, indeed Falcon 4 is getting old now, I mean the flight model and graphics especially but it's still incredible the work that they have for FREE and it was so damn reliable! A BIG thank you for these devs.
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Code development has for all intensive purposes been halted because we lost our current source code
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Originally Posted by Cedaway View Post
Code development has for all intensive purposes been halted because we lost our current source code...
Through legal or other ways?
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Falcon 4.0 was released in 1998. Thanks to these guys, we still play it now in 2013. It's their work and devotion, that kept this sim FIFTEEN years alive. That's just awesome.
Thank you for all of this!

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What was not said is that many of those missing FF developers actually went to BMS, in no small part due to the way they were being treated.

None-the-less, as a long-time Falconeer myself, I have grown disinterested in FBMS and it barbaric grafix. VRS and DCS are the future IMHO.
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Originally Posted by Mower View Post
VRS and DCS are the future IMHO.
I'd be so much more inclined to believe you if you didn't change sims like your underpants (well at least i hope you change those).
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If he changed underpants like his sims then they would have fallen off long ago as they would be rags.
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A bit sad to see FF going by the wayside. It's been a good many years.

Mower, do you know if the g0rn is still around these days?
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