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Unhappy No Gatling guns and rockets in fast mission?


I just got this Huey module working. And I enjoyed the Instant Action missions.. But when I create a fast mission, I realise that there are no gatling guns or rockets. Only side door guns....

Am I missing something here? I haven't done the campaign here, could that be why? Something will unlock certain features?

Cheers ppl!
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If you don't equip your ship with the desired armament, just dont wonder it appeares unarmed.
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Generate the mission, Click fly and then click mission planner. 2nd tab in lower right corner is for changing payload.
Click red exit icon in lower left corner when done.

Happy hovering!
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OP is correct with assuming this is a problem. Or more like a unfinished feature that has yet to be completed in the Beta, I suppose.

The Fast mission generator needs to be tweaked for the UH1. Such as including armament by default and also to provide more realistic enemies to fight against.

For example if you generate a quick mission now and set all forces to No and then put Vehicle units to Min, you will be tasked with destroying 4*BTR80s 4*T72s and 8*Artillery units and some trucks.

I'd like it to generate more light vehicles and infantry etc as threats for UH1 missions Fast missions.
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