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The low altitude performance mismatch between these two fighters is large
And a Landover will beat a Maserati up a muddy hill.

If you're going to fly it at low altitude, maybe you should ask for an "A" with a Allison V-1710 ? rather than a few extra inches boost ?
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Indeed, I don't really see what that has to do with anything, for one. One is better at low altitude than the other? That's..... to be expected. Fight in your arena or not at all ideally. If a 109 is better at low altitude, then.... don't fight at low altitude.

Secondly, I seriously doubt it "erases differences in pilot ability". Been there and done that enough times to know it's BS, and typically neither pilot knows what he's doing and persists in fighting a fight he can't win (for example, at low altitude if one has a considerable advantage as you say).

A smart pilot would avoid the fight until he could gain an advantage, in this case in altitude, even if it takes considerable time. If the Mustang pilot in question is impatient and forces the fight he can't win, then it's his fault more than any difference in aircraft.

Put a Yak-9, La-5, or A6M on the deck and they'll eat all 109s, 190s, 51s, AND Spitfires for lunch... probably at the same time. Don't fight the fight you're not designed to fight.
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109K-4 has great performance at high altitudes, too. Don't assume it has the same weakness as a DB605A.

If either of you care to duel to see for yourselves, send me a pm and maybe we can test it out this weekend. This isn't a bigger d*** contest. Just an establishment of facts. I fully expect a competent pilot to win every time with the 109, and to equally lose with the P-51.
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Sometimes I feel like this forum has the same discussions over and over again.

Really the only thing you can't do in the Mustang vs the 109 is follow it in extended, steep climbing maneuvers. Just like you can't keep up with the Mustang in a dive when flying the 109. Otherwise the differences are minimal tbh. With practice you should be able to kill most 109 pilots in dcs online in a dogfight with the P-51. TBH same goes the other way around too.

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Going back to some earlier discussions. Is it true that:
1. Current in-game P51 engine's data are based off an actual plane?

If that's the case, are K4's engine data based off an actual flyable plane? The thing you don't really want to do is have one plane based off actual flyable but the other based off written records. That way you can't really kill off repeating challenges on the true performance. The best way is to base on same source of data. If you base P51 off an actual plane then find a flyable k4 and use its data. If you can't find flyable plane, it would be the best to use written records. Written records may not be 100% correct, but since the data come from the same source, they are subject to the same biases.
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