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Oh, perfect, that explains it now! Thanks a lot
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Hi PeterP!

You have an impressive setup there. In the pic that shows P-51 configuration it seems that you use the collective for flaps. How well does that solution work? Have you programmed the flaps as an axis command? You probably won't have flap notches in your collective to help distinguish the flap positions (sure you could quickly do those as well ).
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Thank you very much for these posts PeterP. I have been looking for a reasonably priced collective for a while now, but once I happened upon this I decided to make my own. I am new to attaching homemade (anything) controls to my pc I have a few questions. Which potentiometers should I use in my collective? From my google searches of them I can tell from your 3D photos you used one dual taper potentiometer and one single taper. Is there a reason why you used those specifically? Also, from what I researched everyone uses 10K ohm linear potentiometer for their projects. Is this what I should use(or would logarithmic be a better choice then linear)?

My end use for this collective is for games like Take on helicopters and Arma 3 . I include this in case it makes a difference for the required sensitivity of the potentiometer

PS this thread is why I created an account here. This IS inspiring work!

Edit: After searching the forums instead of google I discovered I should use 1k potentiometers for better accuracy although 10k will work just as well. I am deciding to go with 1k Potentiometers for the off chance that the usb chip I use to interface my controls with my pc will register the increased sensitivity, or that usb chips i use in the future will.

When it comes to linear versus logarithmic I am only able to tell that logarithmic potentiometers should be used for volume controls and things of that sort (don't quote me I am probably wrong).

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This is awesome. Thanks for posting.
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Hey Peter, I was wondering how you did the connection between your cyclic and th quadrant, a lot of the early photos aren't there any longer, I'm working on how to do the throttle and the top end (Huey only I'm not too interested in the shark) it's the connection to the saitek, that's stumping me. I got one cheap on ebay,, and in waiting for it to get here now. Thanks for the inspiration,
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This is really cool. Peter, is it possible to make a manual on how to DIY this?
Romiko Derbynew

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Originally Posted by derbynew View Post
This is really cool. Peter, is it possible to make a manual on how to DIY this?
Hi Derbynew,

I don';t know why, but PeterP has not been active on these forums for some years now. I believe however that he covered a lot of it on these forums. Do a search for"PeterP ka50 collective" or similar and I am sure you will find stuff.
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Hello i am trying to build my own collective with arduino with a Potentiometer Slider.Maybe you have sketch to help me?
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PeterP disappeared a few years ago. I do not know what happened to him, he just stopped posting about 2 years ago.
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ka-50 collective

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