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Default A New Beginning

Virtual European Air Operations is pleased to announce our development strategy for DCS.

First, a little about VEAO (yes I know, you want me to cut to the chase).

We have been around since 2005 developing models for FC1.12a and FC2, specifically the BAE Hawk and Eurofighter Typhoon.

The Hawk has been used by the Virtual Red Arrows aerobatic display team since then and has had a few updated versions through FC1 and Flaming Cliffs 2 into the incarnation that we currently use today and more recently featured on our latest video showing the 3d cockpit.

The Typhoon was developed specifically for the RAF Recruitment team for use at the Waddington International Airshow back in 2009 and 2010.

Two pilots from 3 squadron in front of the head-to-head challenge at Waddington

Since then we have been developing further for FC2, including a 3d cockpit with MFD and HUD integration. Due to a few snags and limited hard coded functionality we decided to continue with development in anticipation of the release of DCS and stop further FC2 development.

As you can imagine, the Typhoon is going to be a big challenge. Therefore we have decided to develop and release the BAE Hawk first.
Os others have said before us, we need to take baby steps. Learning how we can fully integrate into the DCS World and give you the experience you want, and deserve.

We have an excellent team that have a lot of experience making mods for FC1 and FC2 and a lot of this knowledge has already been easily transferred into DCS. But there is still much to learn, much to remodel, much to re-skin, much to get the flight model right, etc etc.

So our development plan is simple yet robust and will give the fidelity that you want and deserve.

Our first development is the BAE Hawk T.1A trainer.
Why the Hawk?
Well first, simply its the jet we have modelled, skinned and fully working in FC2 and has the simplest of features to get working in DCS as the cockpit is mostly analogue. It allows us to get into the inner workings of DCS and allows us to produce a high quality product without having to get too technical with MFCD functionality, advanced radar dynamics, etc.
Secondly, it's the fast jet trainer that the RAF (and other air forces) use for pilots getting into the Fast Jet Programme. This also fits in with our ACTS concept which I'll talk about a little later.

We have also discussed producing the Hawk Mk. 128 T2 variant.
The Mk. 128 includes modern LCD displays instead of conventional instrumentation, and allows preparation for flying modern fighter aircraft, particularly the all "glass" Typhoon.

And so, on to my favourite jet, the Eurofighter Typhoon.
Ever since our first developments back in 2008 for the RAF Recruitment team we have loved working on this aircraft.
She is complex as hell, flies like a bat out of hell and quite frankly is a match for any other aircraft in the world, even putting the Raptor to hard work in recent exercises.

This baby is going to be a beast to build into DCS and one hell of a challenge, but it's going to be great fun!!

We will start with an early tranche, most likely the Block 1 moving onto Tranche 2 and Tranche 3 with complex Air-to-Ground systems and full DCS integration.

And onto ACTS as I mentioned earlier.
The Air Combat Training School was something we came up with for a proposal to the RAF back in 2010. Due to budget cuts and other factors it never took off (excuse the intended pun).
The ACTS fits in line with the current RAF Fast Jet training programme utilising the Hawk and then moving onto the Typhoon.
We feel that this is important in the development and learning of the two aircraft systems and capabilities and elements of ACTS will be built into the core VEAO modules.

As other development teams have mentioned, DCS is a big learning curve for all of us. However, the VEAO ethos is to always share what we have learnt to allow others to create and I have spoken briefly to other teams about knowledge sharing to allow development paths to be aligned rather than going out and all finding the same things by ourselves.

We will post regular updates and eye candy and we will listen to your comments, suggestions and wishes.
Please also visit our forums at www.veao.eu and keep an eye on Facebook updates.

I hope you are as excited at these times as we are, with all of the development work going on to give us all great products to fly in awesome simulator.

Best wishes
Chris Ellis
VEAO Founder
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Fantastic news! Good luck in your endeavours.

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Am I dreaming?
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Congratulations and the best of wishes for the Journey ahead
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congrats & good luck!!
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Really looking forward to seeing the Hawk modeled

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Amazing! Tons of best wishes!
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Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing the progress!
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Great! Congratulations and waiting for incoming news
More news to the front
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Awesome news, can't wait to get my hands on the Hawk! Thanks
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