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No joy on the livestream, been bouncing around Youtube looking for it over the last hour.. Was there something I missed?

EDIT: Never mind, went up a little late.

Blue put up a good fight, very well done considering the circumstances! But Red won the day this round.. Congrats guys! Very entertaining livestream you all put together for us.

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Excellent fight everyone, great piloting on red side. Was a pleasure running GCI for you - will definitely join again!
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I saw the livestream by Maverick and what I saw was M2000 raping everybody else. I saw an Harrier double kill by commie that was awesome.

Congrats everyone and Tks Mav.
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Thanks for the great event yesterday Mav! (Despite the hiccups and delay).

I was one of the first to get shot down, but I really enjoyed the live stream and your commentary.

It was probably an M2000 that took me down. I was caught unprepared by their high altitude tactics. This is vastly different to the ACG Cold War server I usually fly on, where most are down in the dirt to not expose themselves.

I was hesitant to go afterburner and meet the M2000s at their level for fear of being spotted by the lower flying MiG-21s.

The M2000 radar is very capable acquiring targets on the deck, while the F-5 and MiG-21 radars are almost useless in fighter engagement (the F-5 radar even more so due to lack of IFF).
This led to the M2000 consistently having the upper hand in all engagements as they had much better situational awareness and were able to come in from high altitude with high energy, allowing them to escape the fight if any shots happen to miss.

The only hope for team blue was to defend, successfully deploy countermeasures and hope the M2000 makes a mistake in order to get a shot in.

Really goes to show what an advantage superior sensors give.

I'd prefer for the next Red flag in this category not to have M2000s. Perhaps pair the MiG-21s with Viggens (Finno-Swedish alliance?) or, dare I say it, with the L-39, to keep things eastern block?

Greatly looking forward to the helicopter rumble too!
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Thanks to all for the yesterday mission! and to the organizers in particular, I think that will be better an AJS with mig21 in the red side next time.

By the way, can you prepare one event with M2000-AV8 vs MIG-29A-SU-25T next time? I think will be more realistic!
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My Bad lads.. meant to say cheers for another nice wee fight. Catch you in the next one. (April cause whats a helicopter? )

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As always, thanks to the 104th for organizing this event. You guys do a lot of work so that we can have fun. It is greatly appreciated.

Morpheus, thanks for you great work as GCI.

Bring on Red Flag helis!
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Thanks for the nice game.

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Originally Posted by intruder.tom View Post
you are a bit late...

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When's the next Event lads?
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