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Originally Posted by DeltaMike View Post
It's not possible to have too much CPU for dcs. I have my eye on the ryzen 5 3600x, bursts to 4.4 GHz (with a 10% increase in instructions per cycle over gen2) and feel that's well worth the price for dcs. I'd rather have that than more cores or a fancy mobo

Zen2 can't really handle more than 3600mhz ram very well

Whichever Mobo you pick, I'd go to the manufacturer website for ram known to run at rated speed. Maybe the newer boards aren't as picky but still
Whaaaat, whilst I agree generally that more CPU is better than less CPU, with DCS (if that's the only thing you care about) It's mainly single-core speed you should look for. Playing DCS on my i5 9600k running at 5Ghz maxes out at 40% I'd say I've got too much CPU (or to be precise, the RTX 2080 I have is the limiting factor on frame rates not the CPU. My old i5 4670k was running at 4.5Ghz permanently...! so a 4.5 boost speed for ryzen is nothing really to boast about when compared to Intel boost speeds or overclocking capabilities. That coupled with Ryzen's apparent dependence on compatible memory and the relatively low speeds of that memory would say to me not to bother with Ryzen for DCS as it doesn't add much value, if any.
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