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Default [MLO PROGRESS] Mirage Test radar

Several hours ago, Razbam posted a new video about the ongoing work on the new radar operation. Here's the video :

If Razbam won't let people know what's going on with their modules on their official channel, this board, I suggest we create a new tag for our topics title. Let's use the [MLO PROGRESS] (MLO standing for Mid Life Overhaul) followed by the title itself. Doing so, we'll ensure that no one is left behind updates wise.
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In my book official channels are also the official RAZBAM YouTube account and the official RAZBAM Facebook, but I see what you are trying to get at here.

Nice update though!
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This change is nice, I will help to keep the SA even with the PID target .
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What are the parallel bars appearing sometimes at the center bottom of the radar display ?
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