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Originally Posted by Impact View Post
Having no possiblity to use TacView is also detrimental to learning from mistakes. Why even have the 10 minute rule when TacView files get corrupted?
We're considering disabling the TacView compression in the future, so they won't get corrupted as often - that said, a 10 minute delay is not very much if you're planning a coordinated strike or trying to sneak past enemies in a helicopter or likewise.
We'll have to see how it goes, however having TacView available is definitely something we want, since it'll help quite a few people figure out what went wrong or how to improve

Originally Posted by Impact View Post
BTW is there a table with all the FARPs and Airfields with elevation and gps coords? Pushing that into the kneeboard would make things easier for VR pilots.
You can find a coordinate list for both, Caucasus and Persian Gulf, in our SOP at
The objective coordinates sheet holds all information you've requested for both maps, there's also pre-made kneeboard tables available, however I've only generated them for the Caucasus scenario and they'll most likely need to be improved to be readable in VR.
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