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I gave up on this for a couple of months, and wasn't paying much attention to the fixlogs. But I recently fired it up, and my biggest complaint (the gunsite range control dial) seemed to be working properly, and the flight model seemed pretty solid, even though it had me getting my butt kicked in a dogfight...

There is no doubt a laundry list of remaining issues that need to be resolved, but I think the MiG-19 is in at least a reasonably good place right now. I really love flying it. I just wish we had more aircraft & equipment of that vintage to put in missions and fly against.
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Originally Posted by Alpenwolf View Post
Couldn't agree more. People these days tend to focus on what is missing and/or wrong rather than appreciate what they've got. It starts in their real lives; interacting with colleagues at work, friends, family members, products they buy at all kinds of stores, etc.
A little wonder you see that same behaviour here as well.
You always hear DCS players complaining about the ATC being so rubbish, features missing in the ME, the AI being inaccurate, and the list goes on and on. All that is true and I'd love to see it done too, but the unappreciative attitude is what sickens me.

I like how ED is mostly quite and never starts arguing with all them moaners. The most appropriate strategy to deal with hordes like that.

Godspeed, ED and 3rd party developers!


Check out this disappointed user here regarding the painkit of the MiG-19: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php...1&postcount=29
That's exactly the attitude I was talking about above... Sad...

I kinda feel like your overreacting with your comment. All of us are aviation fans and im sure we all love the MiG-19 else we wouldnt have bought it. I for one like the plane and its a joy to fly. There are just some minor issues with knobs and things in the cockpit not reacting very good.

The paintkit is a different story. It was announced a long time ago and RAZBAM didnt deliver. After multiple times of asking what the status was we got an answer its on its way but we should be thanking god on our knees for it because it wasnt standard procedure. And thats where it went south for me!
Either deliver or dont but changing the story while at it just seems weak. People like making liveries and thats a fact. So i dont really get why RAZBAM is ignoring that. The danger is that people will think twice on buying for example the MiG-23 and that would be a shame because we all know were in it together. Without them we cant fly a plane and without us they stop to exist.

Anyways no need for a big fuzz just hope RAZBAM looks at it from a different perspective.
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People pay taxes to politicians every day who do not deliver on promises.
Just be thankful RAZBAM (and any other developers) aren't politicians.
Though that could be interesting....

Anyways, like Alpenwolf said, the module is not released as complete so until then "Quit yo jibba jabba fool!"

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