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Is a great mod. The only issue is you need to find a perfect flat terrain to put the plate, but is working great, beeing able to refuel and rearm with just the mod, no vehicles needed. But some trucks adds more inmersion.
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Originally Posted by Harlikwin View Post
Realistic scenario design is something that can be done in DCS, but usually isnt. Mainly because its hard...
Sorry but it just can't be done, as the framework of the DCS doesn't allow it.

We do have groups, not units. Meaning instead having a group of units, we should have platoons, companies, teams, pairs, and individual soldiers.

We should be able just get a "Alpha company" that is example:
3 infantry platoons
command and support platoon
supply platoon

That can be from 110 men to 260 men in one company.

It includes all kind vehicles, from vans to tracktors,ATV's and trucks and APC's.

Each platoon has multiple squads, from 3-6. Each squad has nine soldiers, squad leader, two team leaders, two MG's, AR, support and assaulter. Each squad builds a three teams, leadership, support and spearhead.

Each of the teams can operate individually, supporting each others as a squad and squad operating together as platoon and platoons together as a company.

There is no need to go under that 2-3 man teams that would be simulated in the DCS. That is where you can have a team of 2 that are machine gunner and his assistant, sniper team, a AT team, a AA team etc.

And that is what you should be able to get in a DCS, a clear military organization operation and command structure where you command units, not individual units or groups.

So if you command a company to move to specific area on map via specific routes, set a defence to expected enemy directions, then you don't need to micromanage anything else as all the hundreds of different infantry units, vehicles etc are correctly set to march, move the specified checkpoints at the given time, in a correctly organized manner depending the march commands threat evaluation (like every vehicle will have a 500 meter distance to each other to minimize ambushes and air attacks). Once the company arrives to location, they do it all in correctly planned manner, reconnce etc all takes the correct positions and perform their duties and while whole company prepares for their base, where each platoon has their own primary, secondary positions and rally points.

At not given time are you required to micromanage the units in mission editor or in the Combined Arms. If you want, you can see the planned preparations locations and change them see as you fit as "a company commander" but it should need not be anything else than draw on the map a defence lines, rules of engagements and schedule.

In DCS that is impossible, we do not get easily that every squad is mounted to dedicated vehicles for the transport, that if under a air attack the squad will alarm the others, drive to safety, unmount everyone, prepare the self-defence grouping to destroy or ambush the enemy.
At any given time they would be ready to quickly mount to vehicles and drive to another location to continue defence, attack or resume to march if enemy is destroyed or drove away.

All that should be totally automatic in control of the AI. No need to add individual infantry to squads or anything, as the squads are premade. No need to do any scripting to get groups out, to scatter etc. It should really be automatic by AI that vehicles drive to closest air cover and be ready to move the troops from location to location after each attack run the aircrafts do, or just everyone to move to another locations after attack runs so the pilot can't just have a good knowledge where they are as they don't move.

A AV-8B pilot should just need to get a radio call to tell him where is the new landing site, or tell the ground crew where to be in case of emergency. It really would be just a very short straight roadline middle of the forest where harrier pilot lands and waits the support to come there, or that support is already there to service and get him back to fight.

And performing example a 2-3 hour mission, DCS pilot could operate from 3-4 different locations, each time servicing with the same people and get back to fight to support or continue attack nearby.

When the whole ground units military would work far more effectively, pilots would need to be far more restricted what they really do. No flying on unsafe areas, no fooling around on attack areas as there can very well be 30 MANPADS just waiting that the pilot does the one mistake to return a second time.

No AI to launch all their 30 MANPADS at once on the same target, or keep shooting already downed aircraft.

In DCS everything is still happening mainly in the cockpit, and then little bit there with the mission designers and their serious limitations.
Having a real threat means that you can have a enemy MANSPAAG anywhere, any small opening, any ridge or any hill is potential location where a one squad has moved and taken in control, even if it is just a reconnaissance team that is reporting over radio (or cables) every air traffic they hear and see. Issuing to the possible targets with the air warning, that are then ready to wait the aircrafts to fly there.

The complex dynamic units movement, communications, positioning and tactics are totally missing.

We do not have situations where you really do have just that one attack run possibility to perform, and that must come as surprise. As earliest warning means there are dozens of air defence units in the alarm and ready to not just destroy you, but deny your approach and completing the mission. And if you can't deliver your bombs with first attack run, you are not going to do a second one and return as they really well know where you are coming from.

We do not have a close by ground units combat and lengthy ones. As we literally have a every ground units without their corresponding cover. In real life infantry is not going to sacrifice themselves just by standing on open and shooting what they see. Everyone is searching the smallest tiny hole they can go, and if they don't find one then they will dig one.

In urban areas every building is a challenge, as there are dozens of holes to fire from, and further and further the war goes, the destroyed buildings are giving even more protecting and places to hide.

In DCS a AV-8B pilot is more like training to do a proper procedure to drop a bomb on a target on open field, than to fly and fight with the ground troops, not really knowing who is where and all is based to radio communication and visual guidance "Cross the market street, 50 meters a blue building", no GPS, no coordinates, no 200 meter tall smokes that is visible to 30 kilometers distances etc. Maybe best you get is a smoke grenade that is 2 meter tall and 30 meters long faint color, and based to that you need to know where your friends are and where the enemy is when someone yells at radio "Sniper 100 meters North-East from the green smoke a two floor building.

To make a mission in DCS that would have even minimal warfare going, would be a company or two on both sides, in a fairly small area, fighting piece by piece and slowly, and heavy support in anti-air so you are not going to go anywhere near 4-5 km range that area.

And that area can be surrounded with a many other companies, brigades that have full air protection there. ANd you need to fly in, to get the job done.
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I think we have real differences in what we are talking about, i'm generally trying to learn how to design missions to hit fixed targets, defended by some sort of IADS network. Which is vastly easier than what you describe.
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