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Default Training mission errors and RSBN landing (ILS)

I am doing the training missions and I have found the following problems:

Mission 2 - Circling Pattern and Landing
Most of the messages appear with subtitles in English, but two of them appear with subtitles in Russian. On is when established on final and the second one on the ground.

Mission 3 - Flight and Radio Navigation
After takeoff, you are ordered to turn around 180º back to the field when 30 Km out. Short after this, the instructor thinks that you have overflown the TACAN again, but it is not so yet.

In the approach, when switching the RSBN from "GLIDEPATH" to "LANDING", the "CDI" and "glidepath" bars in the RMI/HSI do not work and the green lights in the RSBN radio turn off. Yes, I know how an ILS works and I am aligned with the runway.

: I have tried to make a quick mission in Mozdok and the RSBN ILS works fine there, don't know what the problem is with the training mission

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