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Default Upcoming Black Shark 2 Patch Change Log

Open Beta Patch Change Log

• Integration into DCS World
• Implemented several measures to prevent network DoS-attacks.
• Implemented initial resource manager.
• Added third-party models: watchtower and corrected power lines pylon.

• The easy communication radio menu is now opened with the [\] key.
• The realistic communication radio menu is now opened with the [RAlt - \] key.

Ka-50 Fixes
• Initial collective pitch is corrected.
• Several missing text message from wingmen.
• Wingmen take-off rejection in some cases.
• Buttons and switches could become non-clickable in some cockpit view locations.
• Both engine over-speed failure lights on at mission start.
• Some dials are not affected by lighting conditions.
• Certain wing payloads no longer stay with helicopter after the wing is destroyed.
• Most radio options are greyed-out with easy comms.

• AXIS TUNE button sometimes not being active after assignment.
• Periodic crash when changing gameplay options.
• Mouse cursor sometimes being invisible in game.
• Crash after a collision with a civilian traffic object.
• Crash when a ship is destroyed.
• Possible crash on mission load if civilian traffic is present in the mission.
• Multiplayer chat key stops working.
• "Red" Oliver Hazard Perry more powerful compared to "Blue" assignment.
• Su-33 flight leader doesn't taxi on the deck.
• After starting a mission, setting "BARIC SYSTEM" is reset to "CYCLONE".
• Modifier Switch Function missing.
• MLRS M270. Strange aiming logic.
• BGM-109B Tomahawk. Incorrect flight model.
• MBT Leopard-2. Inaccurate collision model.
• E-3 model that resulted in refueling error.
• Tanks don't open fire when on the move.
• Possible client hang after connect to server.
• MP client slots stay unusable for a long period of time if the previous client timed out.
• Terrain object incorrect water reflections.
• The Tu-160 and Tu-22 landing without landing gear.
• SA-11. After a salvo launch from two launchers, the missiles collide.
• JTAC use of "TERMINATE" communication.
• Simulator hang when a mission contains a Chaparral SAM.
• Tornado IDS. GUI error when the set bombing point is a waypoint actions.
• Possible crash when a SAM missile hits a Su-33.
• Any aircraft assigned to "Bombing Runway" will not attack and simply go to the next waypoint.
• JTACs appearing with the same number in radio list, if there are more than four of them in the mission with the same callsign.
• Missing tunnel entrance texture.
• Nalchik airbase runway defects.
• Mineralnye Vody airbase runway and taxiway problems.
• Tuned AI aircraft refueling behavior.
• Ctrl+S calls SAVE AS dialogue instead of saving file immediately.
• Rockets are removed from fuselage hardpoints of Su-27/30/33/34.
• Minvody airbase, tuned lights on the western edge of runway (RW 12).
• APC and AAA not attacking ships.
• APC MTLB firing sound continues after unit has stopped firing.
• Ships open fire on infantry at distance of 15 km.
• PAPI lights at Batumi were in the wrong position.
• Aircraft shelters' self shading is tuned.
• Increased the explosive mass of Grad rocket warhead to full warhead mass, from 12 to 18.4.
• SA-9 target detection has been adjusted.
• Air defense re-target to priority target.
• LVTP-7 large aiming errors.
• FSG Molniya gun barrel jitter when aiming.
• Multiplayer. Water starts flickering when mission is restarted.
• Adjusted terrain avoidance for some AI aircraft that were wildly over-exaggerating maneuvers, making them unable to fly set course.
• Multiplayer. Possible client not hearing response from Tanker.
• Several minor bugs in Mission Editor.
• Possible situation of SAMs not engaging targets if ships are present in the mission.
• Kuznetsov aircraft carrier deck lighting.

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Comprehensive work guys - the beers are on me if we ever meet!

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Yessss!!!! Thanks! I cant wait!!!

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This is great! I was only expecting incorporation into DCS World! Thank you for the unexpected!
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I'm hungry!

Ha! I bet you didn't expect that response. I confirm that I'm also excited for this patch.
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No trimmer fix? I don't really care anymore if it's implemented realistic or not, I just want to fly the darn thing with my Logitech Force 3D Pro... Now I simply can't. Please.
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Originally Posted by yallu View Post
No trimmer fix? I don't really care anymore if it's implemented realistic or not, I just want to fly the darn thing with my Logitech Force 3D Pro... Now I simply can't. Please.
What's there to fix? ffb?
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Windows 7 64 bit FTW!
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he's probably talken about how the aircraft lurches into the air ( noses up), when trim is enabled.

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