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and start really polishing the content that's already here.

Too many loose ends hanging still, but I'm sure this will be addressed in due time. Patience is a virtue
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Originally Posted by msalama View Post

Too many loose ends hanging still, but I'm sure this will be addressed in due time. Patience is a virtue
"Patience" implies "choice"

I'd prefer to fix all the dang stuttering, but hey, a usable Ka-50 pit would be nice too.

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Any chance that ED will fix the kamov cockpit??
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Originally Posted by Chizh View Post
To highlight just how great the Ka-50 is to fly in DCS World 2.5, we’ve created an updated trailer video. Later this year, we’ll also be updating the Ka-50 cockpit (and A-10C!) to use our very latest graphic technologies.
comming soon...
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Go back to DCS 1.5 everything works there, including the datalink and NDB auto beacons, button lights, wingmen commands etc

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A new ka-50 (and a-10c) cockpit is planned by the end of the year, in order to better implement the new graphic engine. ED team has stated this multiple times. Since then, using time and efforts to fix a cockpit that is planned to be changed would be a waste of time and resources. We just have to wait. In the meantime, maybe Ricardo's is better (but I have not tested).
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There are a few different mods out that aim to address this issue and while some of them work well in daylight missions, pretty much none of them work during night or low light missions. The full fix for this will seem to have to wait for the ED updated cockpit.

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It is disappointing that the two modules that have made DCS great are still so forgotten. Let's wait for the update.

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How are they forgotten if they'e currently working on a update? That's the opposite of disappointing.
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