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Default Warthog for chopper users

Hi after 2 years of borked warthog joystick and using my old X52 for flight sims it has been returned from RMA, does anyone use the Thrustmaster Warthog for helicopters? If so are there any tips or profiles to share
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I have been using mine for about 6 months.

I hated it at first, specially the TARGET software. I even tried selling it, but could not get the price I wanted. A month and a half later, I decided to keep it and here I am today about 6 months following its purchase.

I have put a few hundred hours in it and I have to say the stick is not bad.

It is, however, very stiff. Much stiffer than it should be for helo flying. You can manage the Ka50 and Mi8 no problem, due to their SAS channels. Now, flying the Huey is another story.

I had a really hard time at first, but I guess I am getting the hang of it. The tip I can give you is to set an "S" curvature to dampen the first third of the stick travel. Setting the curve to 30% will get you there. I set mine to 35 and I am quite happy with it.

I tried numerous values and 35 did it for me. At 40 the helicopter was too undersensitive. The biggest problem with the Huey, which is underestimated by most of us, is trim. Trim it nice and it'll give you a nice ride. Don't trim it enough and it'll be a bronco ride with hemorrhoids. Unpleasant, to say the least.

So, all in all, it's a nice stick. The TARGET software leaves A LOT to be desired, especially in the MACRO programming department; and I cannot stress this enough. It's simply appalling. However, for simplistic key programing, it's quite good. Highly inefficient, but it gets the job done.

I think you're going to have a good time with your Warthog. Just don't forget to set a nice "S" curve to make it less sensitive.

Happy flying.
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Originally Posted by Cibit View Post
Hi after 2 years of borked warthog joystick and using my old X52 for flight sims it has been returned from RMA, does anyone use the Thrustmaster Warthog for helicopters? If so are there any tips or profiles to share
I use it for all my aircraft including the choppers. Like dok_rp said, setting the curves are important and the amount he has his set sounds about where mine is using the control setting inside DCS. I've really never bothered using the TARGET software.

I'll also setup my throttle different from DCS set standard. I use the left one as the corrector/throttle and the right side one as my collective (since that has my mic and PTS for Teamspeak/Ventrilo, not to mention more buttons). I also reverse the collective axis, when I pull the throttle back to idle it is like pulling up on the collective, pushing it towards full lowers the collective.
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Thanks for the replies, it is a lot stiffer than the old X52 but way more precise. I am just going to play around for a while and see how it goes, try some curves and other settings.
I trim all the time but the red button on the stick is way to badly positioned for me. I assigned the paddle NWS button for Mi-8 and the pinkie for huey to see which I prefer
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Hi Cibit

I'm using the Warthog on all the helos...although I find myself flying the Huey most of the time.

I haven't set any curves at all, and have assigned the trimmer to the three position switch just under the weapons release button on the stick. Forward to set trimmer and back to re-set it. I find this works well for me.

I also got an 80mm extension on the stick to, I bought from Wasy100 (great guy BTW) here on the forums. This makes the stick much more sensitive and easier to hover as it allows for small control inputs. Here's a link to his post.

Hope this helps....
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Not a single curve for me either, it's a very precise stick.
Works very well for all crafts, just a matter of getting used to.
I think nobody who calls the WH a "stiff" stick, has flown with the cougar before.
I come from the Cougar, loved it and couldn't believe how light the WH was, first moving it. I personally wouldn't want it any lighter.

I have TARGET profiles for all aircrafts with lots of commands programmed and some .lua editing was put into some aircrafts too.
Yet that requires to redo about the entire commands list for every aircraft because for every command on the stick I look to only assign single buttons, no modifiers.
As long as ED doesn't change much with the commands, it's alright and only needs to be setup once.
1.2.8 basically grounded me until I have time to reset everything again and work out to do the necessary lua edits now

TARGET btw has huge potential if you use the script editor for profile creation. GUI Editor is somewhat basic and has its limits, true.

My 2 cents
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I use the Hog for helo's although have done the spring mod to make it very light, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBMBR8M0z2E
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With the spring removed the Warthog is ideal for flying helicopters.
BTW: I use linear curves for the stick.
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Thumbs up

I used to fly with a Saitek X-52 ( not the Pro ) for about 3-4 years. As each new module was introduced to DCS WORLD, I found myself getting further and further behind on programming my flight sticks. Before long, I found myself unable set up sooo many controls ( limited by placement of the physical buttons on the Saitek ) and my flying just went stale.
No matter how much I wanted my flying to improve, it really didn't.
But then I bought the Warthog. I was so instantly stunned at the difference that it took me many hours to stop crashing because of sheer amazement. Over 75% of the Wrestling I used to do with the Saitek to control the Heli's, was instantly gone.
I agree with what everyone has said so far, it is very stiff ( a fact I do not mind ), but the Ergonomics of the Flight Stick and Throttle Set, are Brilliant.
When I first got it, I plugged it in, straight out of the box and set up the few controls I knew. While going through the list, I saw a few other items I had always wanted to use, but could not find a good location to put it on the Saitek. So I just put them on a few switches I hadn't set up yet, just to check the Warthogs Accessability. Many of those controls I used to see as a pipe dream, are now in my usual flight routine, and many of them have not been moved from the switch I first placed it on.

In my opinion, the Thrustmaster Warthog and the Saitek Combat Pro Pedals are a great addition to DCS WORLD and I could never go back. Many people are really good with much lesser equipment and I take my hat off to you guys. You are amazing.
But for me, I am hopeless at keyboard controls and need as many controls on buttons as I can get. The Warthog has more than met that need for me and I only have about 10% of my controls ( program wide ) set up so far. And I am lovin it. I see my flying ability advancing in leaps and bounds now.

It stings a bit to buy it all, but I haven't regretted it since 10 minutes after I started using it.
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I dont use Target, never have, i find binding my own keys in game better, also ive had the TM Warthog for a few years now and can say that its a very satisfactory all rounder for all the AC i fly, which is the A10C, Mustang, Huey, MI8 and occasionally the fast movers. I will say that an extension to the Joystick / cyclic does vastly improve it for Helicopter flight and you dont need to remove springs or mod it in any way, and that the Throttle used as a collective is satisfactory as well, but i am going to convert a X52 throttle to a Hacked Collective, which is used by most of my fellow chopper pilots in the 229th. Il put up HighwayEd's picture of his ingenious set up as an example. I have found that the best setting so far that suits me for the collective profile ( FOR THE THROTTLE AXIS) is the one attached showing the settings i use. Here's a shot of the setting for the Warthog Throttle as a collective. Here is also a PDF with my Mustang Profile i did as well.
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Click image for larger version

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DL available skins here:

Pictures of my Skins here: https://imgur.com/a/bOQyQqW

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