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Thanks a lot for sharing this kind of feedback, I'm glad for PilotMi8 that he was able to fly a Huey after so much time working on it!
As he's got experience on Mi8, is he working on DCS: Mi8 Hip now?

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Thanks for sharing! In my opinion giving stories like this and introducing the developers to the customers is very important. Alex's nick on the forum gives a clue of his background but this makes me respect him more and value the Huey flight model.
Really want to try the Mi-8 too.
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Great reading. Thank you.
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Great read, Thank you.
General 3D modeling thread and reference sites
UK liveries for planes, ships and MODS.
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Thanks for that. I found the transitions between hover an forward flight too difficult and was in doubt it is realistic. With that information I'm trusting you guys again and will keep practicing. 5 h so far with 2 crashes one caused by the ap. (Blabla)

Love the Huey, love choppers.

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Great read! Thanks
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Sounds like an awesome experience!
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Great story! Must have been lots of fun!
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thanks for sharing, very interesting!
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