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Default Georgian Retaliation - Shadow's Dynamic War Campaign

What is Shadow's Dynamic War Proejct ?:
- Do you aim to bring your DCS experience to next level and use of all of DCS's potential, while testing you skills ? The end goal is to create something which gives fulfillment to the player, a cause ! Everything counts and team play is the only key to victory. That's why these mission will be event type, with sign-ups and specific play times.

Expect having to deal with and manage realistic factors like limited amount of airframes, resources, long turn-over times and dynamic ground war. Forget the air quake, the ground war is what matters ! Heavy use of Combined Arms will be needed. A well organised team will be structured with dedicated Commanders, Controllers, ATC and Pilots.

Hopefully, I am not alone with my vision of what MP should look like in DCS. Hope you enjoy !

What is Georgian Retaliation ?:

- “Georgian Retaliation” is the next evolution of “Shadow’s Dynamic War Project”. The concept is transforming into a medium size, campaign. All mechanics seen in previous scenario carry over, with new additions. Two teams (factions)will have to face each other, while managing their progress and development.

What roles can you take?:

- We are looking for A-10C, F/A-18C, J-11A, JF-17, Ka-50, Mi-8, SA 342M, UH-1H pilots as well as people who would be interested in playing DCS as a strategy, filling in a ground commander or a team commander role.

What is the Scenario ?:

- After the Georgina conflicts (circa 91-93) and the separation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the tension between the different states has been high. Russia siding with and backing up Abkhazia and South Ossetia lead to the acceptance of Georgia in NATO.

Ever since that happened, coalition forces have been conducting exercises with the Georgian military, as well as provided Air Policing for them. Currently the US has stationed USMC F/A-18C Hornets, as well as USAFE A-10Cs in Georgia. French Army’s SA-345Ms are present as well. US ground forces are in theater, conducting multiple training exercises in preparation for something massive.

Worrying about an upcoming conflict, Abkhazian forces have been mobilizing , with additional Russian forces aiding them. Tensions have escalated. Small group of all Russian vehicles have been noticed between them as well. Russian Su-27s (J-11 in for Su-27SMs), Su-30s (JF-17 in for Su-30s) and Ka-50s have been stationed in Abkhazia.

When will it happen ?:

- Initial date, planned to launch the campaign is the 29th of the August 2020@ 1800Z, but it is a subject of change, depending on the availability of people. Follow up session for the campaign are expected to be every weekend or two.

How can I sign-up and where will the organization happen ?:
- On the Dynamic War Discord, where all the needed information will be given to all parties involved. You can find it here:

Is there any documentation that can be seen, describing the event more ?:
- Yes, a general documentation, available to everyone can be found here:

All, team sensitive information, will be disclosed with the team's commanders in secured channels on the Discord.

Got any more questions ? Feel free to ask here, or even better, on the Discord.

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