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Default Thrustmaster Target needs default bindings full

TM TARGET talk only please. Other mods and scripts to be discussed elsewhere. Address this one problem developers please.

In order to really be able to easily share TM Target scripts we need a key binding for all things.
Then simply refer to the default keyboard binding in DCS using Target.
If one is not sharing the scripts it matters not and one can supply one's own and then try to remember to keep track of it all.
I.E. What would YOU assign to undercarriage up, undercarriage down on a spit?
Just an example. Everyone's answer will be different.
Give us anything but give us something so when my file is used elsewhere, it will always work if stock keyboard key bindings are AVAILABLE and everyone's is the same.
I have used this logic with great success even without target in other endeavours.
The solution will take 20 minutes.
All producers of aircraft, go back and fill in your default "Keyboard" bindings in full. Then leave them alone. Patch us up to that ASAP would be my dream come true before I go wasting time supplying my own keyboard key bindings which would be different than anyone else's.
Target changed substantially a few months ago. It's not the Target your mama used.
It doesn't matter what the bindings are that are missing. They simply need to exist and not change over time to really ramp up the ease of setting up controllers.
No doubt it is a WIP. It's just important to know now if those will be available any time soon.
If we are not going to get full default KEYBOARD bindings please advise ASAP and I'll abandon the dream and just supply my own to create my scripts that can't be easily shared.
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@drummer boy, I own the majority of the DCS plane models, and to my knowledge they all have very complete default keyboard bindings. These are defined in the file "default.lua" under "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\Bf-109K-4\Input\Bf-109K-4\keyboard" (just an example for the Bf-109). In my experience these defaults have been stable and I have of course never modified them since that would have broken my TARGET profiles.
Also I found them generally very complete, and sometimes I have "stolen" a binding from the keyboard's "default.lua" to use it for the joystick or throttle (that's after I stopped using TARGET).
I stopped using TARGET because when I started using the TrackIR I had frequent software problems due to 3 programs having to run together. Also I was under the impression that TM didn't really maintain and support TARGET. So I'm surprised to hear that there ia a new TARGET version. Can you summarize what's new?
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