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Yeah that's kind of what I mean. Considering how basic the missions are, stuff like that shouldn't happen.

The animation is one thing, but the fact I set the enemy to not advance beyond the road is another.

Mission writing at the moment seems like a complete waste of time.
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I have completed the first three mission great work Wavehopper!

BTW to see Starways Vietnam terrain textures doesn't the mission have to take place in an Autumn month?


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Hey guys can I get a step by step on installing this? This is my first time trying to install a community built campaign. I do have JSGME if that can be used.

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1. I installed the campaign itself into saved games/DCS/ missions/campaign/en

2. Stairways DCS mod can be installed via Jgsme

3. I installed the liveries into saved games/DCS/liveries/uh-1h
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Originally Posted by reflected View Post
I can confirm that Mission 9 (the one with the storm) never gets completed

Also, wind directions in the briefings are confusing. You gave the direction the wind is blowing TO, not FROM as it's usually done in aviation.
General DCS problem. Wind direction in Mission Editor and briefing is given in TO directions, windspeed in ME is in knots, in briefing and ATC it is m/sec...
As far as I understand ATC is what real ATC does, but I would love to see at least in the briefing, both speeds and the direction FROM which the wind is blowing...

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Just finished Four...good thing I read Chickenhawk!
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Hey Wavehopper,
very nice campaign. I was just about to finish mission 11, when i noticed a small bug :

The Zone for the the second to last trigger is "LZ" instead of "LZ - Combat Hospital", so you can't finish the mission. I edited it for myself. Don't know if I am allowed to share it here. But it's an easy fix, anyone can do.

Thanks again for this great campaign!
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I am totally unable to finish mission 10 now, the ship has troubles taking off Dublin and when corpses loaded - can't take off facing wind or going downslope of the hill. Going through the trees and speeding up on a road is like cheating, but then again - I missed landing spot on Dublin 10 meters and were unable to get up or speed up. Is there a trick (apart from the governor switch to accumulate energy) to help pilot going into transitional lift or the mission is broken?

Update: I tried and succeeded in cheating the game, changed the temperature from 50^C to 24^C and told the crew chief and the gunner to stay at base with their heavy weapons. I feel bad but finally I could go on - and discover the next mission is broken on last stage, the "mission complete" trigger never...triggers.

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is this working on 2.5?? i am readying this book... and... you know how it works!!!


there are 4 books. I read two and they are really cool!!
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