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Default WWII Training film for us students

Hey guys! I know that a majority of you are perfect pilots who studied all of this stuff and know the keys to executing these basic maneuvers flawlessly. I too thought that I was pretty proficient at some of them. But for me, there were always little issues that prevented me from doing them perfectly or even without stalling in some cases. So.....for those of us who want to improve our skills in combat and aren't sure what it is that we're doing wrong, this film gives lessons on basic maneuvering. It tells you in detail what control surfaces to use and exactly when to use them. It's just what I needed as an armchair pilot who learns by watching the example of others.

I do not know if this video has been posted before in the past but I do know that I have never seen it and it exited me to see that I now have a good guideline to follow and practice with.
I hope this helps some of the other guys who need to work on these basic but important maneuvers.


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It's a good video. I was pleasantly surprised at what I learned.
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Zeno's Warbirds and Periscope Films have several flight training films, also I've learned crucial flight lessons from various private companies on YT teaching the Cessna 150 and 152.

Thanks for posting the link!
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