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Originally Posted by imacken View Post
All good, except, no rudder? Don’t agree there, no way.
I should rephrase. I was talking strictly about first half of the rollout, when the plane's still weathervaning plus stick to the guts makes this little centering effect of the tailwheel do its job. No rudder, then one slight dab, max two, is enough then (I use 20% curvature, though).

Of course, in the second phase, when the plane slows down and the instability really kicks in, I have to dance on those pedals like a maniac and start using brakes, but that's expected .
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Possibly I am repeating the advices that were written above... but my experience is:

1. Have curved stabilised approach - 100-90 mph IAS depending on mass and up to 2000 fpm sink rate - more than Mustang requires, for example (1000 fpm).
2. Coordinated flaring - level wing, reduce VSI to 1000 fpm, then flare to three point attitude. It is very important to get this attitude at right distance from the runway. Too low - you will bounce (not so bad if the mistake is not big) or you stall and the plane managed to drop a wing (very bad because it will give strong disturbance in yaw).
3. Reduce throttle to idle only as you are confident you are at the right position to land.
4. Finally level wings. Wait.
5. Do not touch the rudder without need. As you see any tendence to break right or left - do not shy to pull rudder but be ready to reverse it. So, short but amplitude-free movements.
6. Do not forget to add brakes as your speed bleeds.

If #4 is perfect and without wind you really do not need to use rudder, because the plane has natural stability at speed. As it bleeds the things goes worse, but the brakes give you sufficient steering power to balance the unstable plane.
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The main thing that changed landings for me was soft focusing my eyes on touchdown. By defocusing your eyes it makes it much easier to see if the plane is starting to turn left or right early. Spotting it early and correcting early with small, sharp inputs of rudder (and brakes at lower speeds) is the key. Fast taps on the brakes coordinated with small fast rudder inputs will help keep the Spit in line.
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The Spitfire is a charm to land once you have mastered the absence of the "seat-of-the-pants" feedback in a flight simulator.

What makes it difficult to taxi, takeoff and land is just that - there being no inertial feedback on your body in the desktop sim... But with experience your brain can play it's tricks :-) and when trained to replicate the sensations, you'll be mastering the simulated Spitfire.
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It takes a bit of practice to land her, but once you have mastered it you won't forget it. Like riding a bike!

It's a joy to fly in VR, and I find it MUCH easier to fly in VR. I tried in 2D on a 32" flat screen TV with track-ir and I was all over the place. It was like I had to learn it all over again. In VR you're sitting in it, I find I can 'feel' the aircraft much much more and this helps a lot in landing it.

I won't add any advice here as there is lots of good stuff already said in this thread, but I will say to those struggling with the Spitfire, keep at it, persevere and practice practice practice, she really is worth it.

My late father served in the RAF during WW2 as an engine fitter, and was based at Tangmere during the BoB working on the Spitfire. Since I was a kid I always dreamed of flying a Spitfire. I did get to fly solo IRL but not in a Spit! but the first time I flew it in VR I had a lump in my throat! Lol..! a grown man getting emotional over a pc simulator! Crazy, but its the closest I will ever come to fulfilling a life long dream. My all time favorite module in DCS for sure.
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I am still a WIP for landing the Spit. My biggest mistake is not going around when I should and keeping the airspeed too high. I'll get 'er.
I have been in Love with the Spitfire since the first time I saw one at the Air museum an hour from me.
That particular Mk IX was flown to there originally in '64.
That was in 1973. It's time to revisit the old girl and the great collection so close to home.
Back then it was just a few old hangers but you could wander around in some of the planes like a Lancaster Bomber. It's probably all roped off at the new facility. I must go soon.

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I've just recently started to get to grips with the landing its far from an "every time" event. At the moment I'm practicing at 50% fuel load

What clicked it for me was all of Yo-Yo's advice. The master, he is.

Try his suggestion of reducing fuel load to around 33%, its a different bird with that amount of fuel.

I actually prefer a steep curved approach at 110 IAS, I set the rudder trim to around "U".

Lower her to as near the runway as you dare then gently off the throttle

I hardly flare at all, I simply wait for her to settle onto the deck then full stick back immediately

After that it's a few taps on the rudder using the turn indicator as my guide, as the rudder becomes less effective small taps on the brakes usually complete the job.

I do wobble and stagger like a drunk at times but usually come to halt without having to visit the paint shop

Everybody develops their own technique, watch the videos and try techniques till you find what works and what doesn't for you.

After that its just grinding practice and suddenly one day it all snaps into place and you wonder what all the fuss was about.
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Just tested with 50% yaw curve, and both inflight and on ground, I like it that way.
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May I suggest something?

My landings improved a lot after I mapped the brakes to a slider and started to landing with a bit. brakes applied, something like 1,5 to 2 psi in the gauges. That helps with controlability on the ground, but be careful to not fishtail too much.

Remember, correct spped on the approach and a 3 point landing helps a lot.

Experiment with a bit o brakes applied and tell me what do you think.

All the best and good luck,

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Originally Posted by VinnieJones View Post

Thanks for these suggestions. Last night, I tried to follow at least some of them, and did a couple of pretty good landings. As I let the plane roll on done the runway, patting my self on the back, however, I still rubbed a wing on the ground. Practice, practice...

I would like to also take this opportunity to remind everyone that: "These are all band-aids and patches to help with the flight model that isn't yet as it should be. This isn't (yet) the "flies without a vice", "obeys every command" Spit that your Grandpa flew in '44." is not my quote. I was simply responding to it.
But this was, correct?

Originally Posted by VinnieJones View Post
Why, then, did ED put it out in such a terrible condition? You have to wonder.
Please keep in mind the FM was checked out out by Nick Grey, I believe he might have a few hours in real Spitfires...

Here is some help as well:


Nick Grey - "I have had the privilege of flying most marks of Spit, the I, V, IX, XIV, XIX and enjoyed working with Eagle to make this simulation of the IX the 'mutt's nuts'."
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