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Originally Posted by Crew Dog View Post
Plus the fact that, IIRC was addressed somewhere else on these forums, the Soviet jets do not have Anti-Skid, which means when you depress the brake pedals, the brakes lock up, leading to tyre blowouts
Soviet jets do have anti-skid.
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Originally Posted by PeaceSells View Post
In relation to landing the Su-27...

IMO the biggest difficulty is that, if you fly at 8-10º AoA towards the head of the runway, the IRST sensor at the plane's nose obstruct your view of the head of the runway. To overcome this you have to come with smaller AoA (higher speed) until you're so close to the runway that you don't need visual contact to its head anymore, then you increase AoA and reduce speed by slowly flaring...
Is it just me or something has changed in the last updates? I might be wrong, but I think I used to get 8-10º AoA around 240 km/h (aircraft very light, no missiles and about 2000 kg fuel), now I guess I get that AoA around 280 km/h... Anyone else notice any difference?
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