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As a rule, I usually tell myself that I shouldn't talk about guide overhauls in general, but since I've recently received a number of questions regarding the Mi-8, I thought I should update this old 2016 document I did. Since its early implementation, the Mi-8 got a plethora of cool new systems like the anti-ice system, which is a bit more complicated than we're used to.

Changelog: (8/11/2019)
  • Added Bookmarks
  • Further detailed Engines Section
  • Added Ancillary System Descriptions in the Engines Section (Hydraulic, Electrical, Anti-Ice, Fire Protection, KO-50 Combustor, PZU (Particle Separator System))
  • Re-wrote Start-Up procedure
  • Updated Weapon Tutorials
  • Overhauled Countermeasures tutorials with Manual & Program modes
  • Added signal flares procedure
  • Added information on Search Lights
  • Replaced many Russian Cockpit pictures with English Cockpit for clarification
  • Added different takeoff methods
  • Updated Controls Section

Page count went from 110+ to 180+. I think it's time the Mi-8 got the recognition it rightfully deserves. It was one of my older guides (and it shows!) back when I lacked experience, so I tried my best to bring it up to the current standard. It's not perfect by any means, but I thought the Mi-8 needed some love.
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Superb!!! Thanks

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Added bookmarks to the following guides:
  • Spitfire
  • P-51D
  • Bf109K
  • FW190A-8
  • FW190D-9
  • I-16
  • Yak-52
  • L-39ZA
  • Hawk
  • MiG-15
  • MiG-19
  • F-86 Sabre

At the moment, the only guide remaining without bookmarks is the Harrier's, which will be updated accordingly once JDAMs go live and the page count can be set in stone.
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Awesome. Thanks, as ever, for all the hard work.
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