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Originally Posted by jcagle View Post

I recently purchased VAICOM with the AIRO extension; I was able to get VAICOM installed and working correctly, but AIRIO does not appear to be working.

The symptoms are; when I give a command (e.g. 'RIO Startup') VoiceAttack reports "Unrecognized command 'RIO Startup' " (See Commands 2.png).

If I go to the profile setup, the six lines in 'Extension Packs' are present, but none of the Jester related commands are present (525 total commands). However, if I go to the Editor Tab there are 834 commands that include the AIRIO commands.

Things I have done/Tried

- Enabled AIRIO in EX menu (and disabled, re-enabled, with several restarts)

- Turned on Extended Command Set in the Preferences Menu

- Looked for an AIRIO.vap file to import commands

- Checked that the F-14 profile was active when DCS was in Sim

- Turned Hot Mic on and off

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,
You need to import the commands in the VAICOM profile, that's why the "Finish" button is yellow/orange. Click on it and follow the instructions in the window that appears.
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Originally Posted by Razor18 View Post
I didn't try other output, so even if Redirect is switched on, and Rift selected, Chatter comes from desktop speaker.
I'm positive your settings are correct. But at this point, I'd try to test another output like headphones or something, just to make sure.

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Boy, this is weird. Without DCS running yet, if I start up VoiceAttack and VAICOM, and in the Control Panel Audio tab, I switch REDIR audio output to OPER, and select "Ocululs Virtual Audio Devide" instead of "Headset (Rift Audio)", Chatter works OK in my Rift headphones.

As soon I start DCS, Chatter jumps back onto my desktop speakers, but everything else comes OK from my Rift.

Then I also tried inside DCS, Options / Audio tab and switching everything to Oculus Virtual Audio Device (from previous Rift Audio). Chatter still coming from speakers, even after a DCS restart. Killing DCS, Chatter jumps back OK into my Rift (Oculus Virtual Audio Device).

What the heck?
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Originally Posted by Razor18 View Post
Did you enable "Select tune radio" option in the VAICOM Pro control panel "Preferences" tab?

And if you have Easy comms ON, you can also check "Instant select", next option down from previous.

I understand that I can tell Jester which frequency he should tune the Radio too. Tha "catch phrase" Radio tune isn't recognised by the module, I tried to re-learn it to my speach recognition and it works ok in e.g. a Word document, but never in vaicom. I have bothe mentiond options set to off, since I want to ask Jester to set the specific frequ. Ane othe thing I didn't found is a way to let him set the radios via pre progammed chanels shown in the kneeboard.

I must say that I'm a DCS beginner, so I'm still overwhelmed with all the stuff, so it is easyly possible I'm overlooking something.

Originally Posted by MAXsenna View Post
Which module?

Always the F14 which I own as only module (besides maps) in the moment.
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