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What you are encountering in Navy planes is mission mindset. In time of war, the Navy is not going to generally be operating from land-based airfields, they are going to deploy carriers. This is a holdover from WW2, and back then they had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 20th century to even have carriers and Naval aircraft. But for projection of Naval power, carrier groups are still the way to go.
In the 20's and 30's numerous tests and demonstrations were shown to the Navy proving the power of Naval aviation, and they grudgingly built a few carriers, mainly at the insistence of congress. It is documented that the Navy attempted to sabotage some of the testing, and downplayed the rest, BTW. They really wanted to stick with those big battleships!
WW2 proved that aviation was the way to go in the modern age, and now the new generation of Naval commanders are all about carrier groups as the primary projection of Naval power. Land-based naval air stations are primarily for training in the Navy's view, let the Marines forward deploy on land for combat ops. (This is pretty much they way they did it in WW2 as well.) So a land-based ILS system is seen as not particularly useful, and the money can be better spent elsewhere.
Military procurement is a dog fight in congress, with each branch fighting for it's share of tax dollars, and often military appropriations are tied to congressional pet projects, so money has to be taken from operations to fund those, in addition to the usual budget cuts, etc. Witness the F-35 debacle.
Now that Space Command has been authorized, there is another dog in the fight, though the Air Force is going to take most of the beating on that, with personnel, bases, and equipment being transferred over, and reductions in appropriations for the USAF. The Navy will see some cuts, too, as there will likely be cuts across the board in some amount to balance spending on USSC. So with a carrier mindset, and reduced budget looming, it is highly unlikely that land-based ILS will be installed on any Navy aircraft, unless some major incident occurs to force it. Then most likely it will be only installed on land-based training aircraft (and will likely be the source of the incident if it happens.)
That being said, let's all take a moment to acknowledge the poor Coast Guard, who are already being practically sent to sea with a can of beans and a roll of duct tape, who are going to get hit again when they already are the red-headed stepchild of the armed services.
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