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Default Help with kursant mission "BOMBS DELIVERY AFTER A HALF-LOOP" (possible issue)

I just got the L39 + Kursant campaign this summer sale and have really been enjoying it, but I ran into some truoble with the "BOMBS DELIVERY AFTER A HALF-LOOP" mission.

I seem unable to fly according to the parameters given in the briefing, and they also appear to be incorrect when compared to the manual.

According to the briefing:
Enter half loop at 100AGL, 600IAS, pull up and reach 4-5G at 50-60 degree pitch. "The IAS at the apex of the half-loop should be no less than 200 km/h and an altitude of 1700-1800 m."

Firstly, I find this half loop maneuver to be impossible, but perhaps it is just my flying skill that is lacking. No matter how I try it, I don't seem to have the energy to pull that off. I managed to do it from 500AGL, but only if I smoothly pull to reach 4Gs at about 35-40deg pitch, and then I barely stay above 200km/h Any harder turning than that and I pull out of the loop too low, any slower and I drop below 200km/h

Secondly, the briefing says that highest point of the half loop should be between 1700-1800 AGL and at no less than 200km/h IAS. When coming out of the loop, dive towards the target at 40 deg angle and keep the throttle at max until 400km/h, where it should be set to idle. Drop the bombs at 1100AGL at 500km/h

I was able to perform this, however the bombs hit short of the target.

The flight manual contains table with the following parameters for a 40deg dive bombing:
-"Gunsight reflector deflection angle 10deg" (Same as briefing)
-"Dive entry altitude at ingress point 1800m" (Same as briefing, although briefing says 1700-1800)
-"Dive entry speed at ingress point 300km/h" (Faster than briefing)
-"Release altitude 1100AGL" (Same as briefing)
-"Release speed 560km/h" (60km/h faster than briefing)
-"RPM МГ%" (Not sure what that means but my guess is max, briefing says idle after reaching 400IAS)

So compared to the manual the briefing tell me to fly too slow, both when entering the dive after the loop, and when releasing the bombs.

This would explain why the bombs are hitting short of the target. Briefing also mentions that flying 20km/h too slow would result in the bombs hitting 10m short. According to the manual in this situation the bombs are dropped 60km/h below target speed, and would result in a 30m too short bombing run, which is pretty much the results I'm getting.

I attempted a bombing run following the parameters in the manual as a comparison, and it was very accurate.

The conclusion I reach is that the briefing for this campaign mission is incorrect...however i just got the module this week so not super experienced with this plane, maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Anyone had similar issues with this mission / could provide some info on this? Would be really fun to learn this maneuver

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I loaded this mission and ran through it, it had been a while as I did Kursant when it first came out.

Here is the full mission, bombing passes begin around 26:00

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Please can I have some help , or have you a video for mission 2 low level nav please ?

Don't fully understand instructions ! For instance where do I find this List , or table of amendments needed for maneuver by speed !!

I think there is other documentation I'm missing , or simply not sure where to look for it ? Thanks
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I might be able to film that one later today
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Finally filmed and uploaded:
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