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Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
Does that mean one could use the LANTIRN pod to generate coordinate correction points for the main INS on the fly?
Yeah, see here and here.

Originally Posted by Fri13 View Post
There is no "under the radar" in the DCS.
Ask from helicopter pilots who are all seen and all detected from any altitude at any given distance.

The trees do not block radar, there is no ground clutter, there is no problems of any radar seeing you at low level.

Why you can't fly NOE on helicopter nor strike aircraft.
You can fly "under the radar" in DCS, because radar can't go through the ground, so as long as you fly low enough to keep some elevated terrain (or the horizon) between you and the radar site, you can avoid the radar by flying NOE.
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Originally Posted by viper2097 View Post
None, as it was the fault of the RIO.
Did the Pilot survived?

Must be pretty bad...
You trap and then get shot out through the canopy and have no idea whats going on...
Imagine this would happen in THAT SECOND you are sitting in front of the computer now...
Pretty bad...
Pilot was fine. Bruised ego is probably the worst of it. The RIO probably got his ass chewed on by the skipper, though. It's one of those situations that is hilarious only because no one got killed and the aircraft wasn't lost.
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