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Are the landing/search lights weaker in 2.5?
It seems that by the time I get close to the refugee camp, it's almost impossible to see the road unless I fly dangerously close to trees.
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I haven't flown that mission in DCS 2.5 so I don't know if the landing/search lights are weaker but if I recall correctly, in 2.5 the trees density is higher than before for the same setting (tree visibility). That can explain that you get a harder time spotting the road or refugee camp.
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Yes. Lighting in general has been broken in numerous different ways ever since deferred shading was implemented — lighting of terrain in particular — going back so far as its first 2.0 OA implementation. With the release of 2.5, deferred shading was made the only option and ED is still working to make the lighting work as well as it did in the olden days.

Anything design before 2.0 that uses night (or really any kind of low) visibility as a challenge and which hasn't been updated will remain next to impossible until core changes to the engine and its rendering pipeline have been completed.
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Hi, yes lighting seems weaker that's why I changed the time of the mission.
Will check how to improve this even more.

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I can't see anything when met the truck.

Even I turned on the landing light and search light, Nothing visual.

It's quite frustrate mission. It is getting darker and darker and finally nothing visual when met a convoy.

I increased gamma value but no effect. Nothing can See !

What a xxx mission!

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Nah, the mission is fine, as such. The current state of world lighting is the problem here — that's on the engine, and not on the mission itself, and as the engine is improved back to its previous capabilities, this will sort itself out.
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