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Default Mirage changes, requested by the AdA

As you know we work closely with the AdA to provide a true representation of the M-2000C
Due to this relationship a few changes have been made following a request from the AdA. These changes will be introduced in the next few updates (except *4, this will be a little longer)

We will of course keep you updated on release via the change logs, the forum and our Facebook page.

Here are the changes:

-- Operational Changes --

1. Radar HOTAS Buttons/Switches
The following Radar HOTAS buttons/Switches have changed functionality:

* "TDC CENTER" - It is now "TDC DEPRESS (Lock Target)". Its unique function is to lock AA targets.
The radar now has a default lock mode. This means that you can lock an AA target as TWS or directly to STT.

* "STT/TWS Toggle (Target Lock)" -
It is now "STT/TWS Toggle". It no longer locks an AA target, that function is carried out by "TDC DEPRESS (Target Lock)"

Its functionality has changed as follows:
- With a locked AA target: toggles between STT/TWS tracking modes (same as before).
- With the radar on SCAN and no locked AA target, it selects the default lock mode for AA targets: STT or TWS.

The default lock mode can be overridden by the toggle switch but upon target unlock will go back to its default.

2. Guns and rockets default firing mode:
* Guns: The default firing mode for the guns in either AA or CAS mode is TOT (keeps firing as long as you keep pressing the trigger) and RAP (high rate of fire). Modes can be changed using the PCA/PPA switches from TOT to PAR (burst mode) and RAP to LEN (slow rate of fire). These firing modes are active for as long as the guns are the active weapon. If the guns are deselected and then select again, the firing mode reverts to its default: TOT and RAP.

* Rockets: The default firing mode is PAR (salvo). The mode can be changed to TOT (continuous fire) using the PPA button. The firing mode resets to its PAR value when the rockets are deselected.

3. Bomb release quantity, interval and order.
* Release quantity now increments by one, from 0 to 18 and the cycles back to 0. If the bomb release quantity read 00 no bomb will be released.
* Release interval is now limited to 28 (280 meters) and it cycles back to 0.
* Release order for bombs is as follows: wing loads first, then wing root loads and finally center loads.

4. S530D Salvo mode is disabled. (To Follow in the coming months, awaiting more details)
* Salvo Mode does not exist in the M-2000C. This mode was selected by switching the PPA switch between TOT and PAR.

5. Default switches position when starting in the air:
* Radar Altimeter is active (Switches in M and H respectively).
* Radar is on EM mode.
* DDM is OFF (if it is mounted).

6. DDM (IR Missile detector) is now unmounted and OFF by default.

7. FBW "too slow" sound logic updated

8. AP "Gong" Sound logic updated.

9. AP Roll limit updated.

10. AP Track Index behaviour fixed.

-- Display Changes

1. S530D SVI Brackets have been deleted. They do not exist in the M-2000C

2. S530D G and D are now circled all the time. They indicate that the missile seeker head is locked on the target.

3. Radar TDC is now available in SIL and EM modes.

4. TWS/STT (PID/PIC) lock mode legend is now visible at all times in both SIL and EM modes.It indicates the radar default lock mode (with no locked target) or the current target lock mode.

5. CCRP Target cross "+" has been deleted. This is a M-2000D feature only."

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Thanks for the update .. I will add it to my notes on the Mirage, as I'm not flying it at the moment, but intend to return to it by mid-year
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Nice to hear that the collaboration with AdA brings some enhancements for us into DCS as well.

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Great work guys! Its cool to continue to get feedback from the guys(gals) who know.
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Good news, happy to see it moving forward again
Mirage fanatic !
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moi aussi!!!

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Really good news!!
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So, how will we choose to mount DDM? Ground crew?

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Great news !
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