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Default Serious question. Mirage or Harrier?

I am new to DCS but not flight sims, and I was all set to get the M-2000C as my first "real" module. But now I have started thinking about the Harrier. I have read all the threads, watched all the youtube and I can’t decide. I can only get one. So for all of you who have both, which one is your favorite?

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I'm going to muddy the waters.

Today, Mirage, no question. It's a great module that's now pretty polished and comes with a fantastic campaign and an excellent manual. In terms of complexity, it's also very accessible so you won't have to read the manual for a week before turning the battery on. There is also the upcoming Red Flag campaign by Baltic Dragon which, judging by his previous works, will be a real treat.

In 6 months to a year, the Mirage is going to be surpassed by the Harrier. It's dripping with potential but at the moment functionality is lacking, there are no training missions, the manual is basic at best and there is no campaign (though there is a great home brew campaign by SEDLO). I have zero doubt the Harrier is going to be brilliant but at the current rate of development, we're a while away from brilliant.
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See, this is great info!
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Keep in mind the Mirage is more a dogfighter and supersonic jet, than an attack plane. So if you are more interested in air to air and just the occasional bombing run or ground attack, the Mirage is a good choice.
If you are more into ground attack action, CAS and dropping guided bombs, like me, then I would definitely consider the AV-8B, though it is in early access currently, and will be for quite a while.

Another consideration if money is an issue, there is the F/A-18C from Eagle Dynamics in the queue... Basically, that is the cumulation of everything into one platform.
A true Multi-Role Jet, carrier capable, supersonic and with a shitload of weapons.
So if you can stand a bit of waiting, I would at least think about it.

The major point is what you like most and what you expect do do with/get out of the platform. Depending on your preferences there already is a module for everything from aerobatics (TF-51D, L-39C, Hawk T.1a), prop flying (P-51D, Fw-190), WW II dogfighting (P-51D, Bf.109, Spitfire, Fw-190), to hands on jet BFM and air combat (F-86, MiG-15, F-5E, MiG-21), as well as modern day jetfighters (Mirage 2000C and all the FC3 stuff, with the F/A-18C in the queue and AV-8B as an interesting sidekick).
Then there are the ground attack platforms that started it all, the Ka-50 Hokum, the A-10C and now the AV-8B N/A in early access, plus the helicopters for the rotor head (UH-1H Huey, Mi-8 and Gazelle, with BO-105 and Mi-24 in the horizon).

I know a tough choice, but there is no simple the "best module is XYZ".

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My opinion is Harrier. We have been using it in my squadron as a stand in for the F/A-18C, and despite the limits due to EA and bugs, it is simply incredible. Also, I am personally biased, but the M2000C is great as well, I would still go for the Harrier hands down if I had to do it all over again. Hope that helps a bit.
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On a les technical reply reply, i'd say is more a own personal choice and what yourself like better, more A/A and some A/G, more A/G and for now limited A/A as with the A-10C (Until variant for A/A comes in a distant future), you prefer european style aircraft or more North American style aircraft, even though British has it etc.., if you like based land aircraft only or naval aircrafts, supersonic matters or not, hability to be able to land/take-off in normal and conventional ways or having 4 possible different ways as take-off and land... conventional aircraft or VTOL which is alone a blast. Advenced modeling or Early Access and don't mind to wait.

So as personal choice, even way in early acess, on my side i prefer the AV-8B, but for my own choice, i'm a Naval Aircraft lover and i love Helicopters, so, for me, the AV-8B is my fav module so far, not to mention i don't realy like Delta Wings, ok it has advantages in A/A, which i don't really like for now. And since an upcoming module has been my fav aircraft ever, this little Harrier in some points reminds me of that aircraft (module i an't gonna name in this forum section). And the most important reason.. it's sexy Just bare in mind, the AV-8B need a bit of learning to fly though, that's what i loved about VTOL and Helicopter, challenge.

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Voted Harrier as I enjoy it more but honestly it mainly depends on what you want to do. The Harrier is a pure mud mover like the A-10C while the Mirage is a thoroughbred air superiority fighter. The Mirage is simpler to learn, but the Harrier isn't super complicated either. The Mirage is also finished as far as I can tell while the Harrier still has some major missing features. That may impact your decision.
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I prefer to pound dirt as they say, and the harrier does that well, not as well as my A-10c but in a totally different way, bit more speed and manoeuvrability and can land wherever
its also very stable and easy to fly,
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You can't go wrong with either. If it's your 1st proper module and you want a more complete module to learn I'd go M2000. If you don't mind a early access, ground attack go with the Harrier.
The F-18 is coming soon and the F-14 is just around the corner too. Start saving your money! lol
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"In 6 months to a year, the Mirage is going to be surpassed by the Harrier." Perhaps.....

I'm with Kayos - think about what you want to be flying. Reading between the lines it feels like he more or less said "what you want to do in the sim, then make your decision." If you want a cool toy get the Harrier or wait for one of the other cool toys, if you want a completed module there are plenty finished ones to choose from that are neither of these.

And for the cool toys, I bought the Harrier over the Mirage because when completed it will be a superior mud mover when put next to the Mirage. It's no Warthog, but the Warthog is no Harrier either, if that makes any sense.
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