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Testing sig
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sig test
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test test
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Default This is not a test! This actually is a test - my mistake



test things
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Default testing...

Is the D9 canopy A-frame all metal construction or does it have a wooden ‘mating plate’?

I decided to (try and) find out for sure - simples - just find another example...

We all know there are very few D9's in existence. I thought just two, but apparently there’s supposed to be four, but I found 5, at which point it got a bit interesting… But it does seem there are only two that are pretty much complete & original.

I wanted to check them all out, and thought I'd share some of interesting stuff , I think so anyway , I found...

The first complete one (more or less) -


W.Nr 210968 - In the Luftwaffe Museum, Berlin, being restored, after being at the bottom of a (fresh water) lake for 65 odd years. It doesn't help in this matter from what I can see. Great project though! Remarkably well preserved considering, it has paint and all. But if there was wood it would have rotted I guess?

210968 upon recovery - restoration now quite advanced – if interested see link.

The second complete one

W.Nr 601088 – On loan to the USAF Museum, from the Smithsonian – the one with the wooden batten / mating plate on the canopy A-frame – which still looks very out of place to me...?


“Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 W.Nr. 601088 was attached to Stab.IV./JG3 at Plenzrau in Northern Germany. At the end of hostilities, this aircraft was surrendered to the RAF at Flensberg. When W.Nr. 601088 was shipped to the United States as a war prize, it was accidentally matched with the wings from a Fw 190D-13 ("Yellow 10", W.Nr. 836017). Although the wings of the D-9 and the D-13 were ostensibly similar, the shell ejector chute arrangement and other significant details were quite different.

The Dora arrived at Wright Field around August 1946 and was later transferred to the National Air and Space Museum's facility at Silver Hill in Washington. This aircraft has been on loan to the US Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio since 1975.” Quote from above website.

Late war construction maybe – still finding it hard to believe this was production standard.

The following examples don’t help much / at all -

W.Nr 990003 - which came out of the modern Flugwerks workshops and described as Fw190D-9/N "12-preto" (WNr.210079) – I’m pretty sure it’s a new build airframe and just painted as 210079. It has an Allison V12 engine (nice, none the less).


The best cockpit image of 990003 I can find.

This one and the following one are interesting, and confusing, in equal measure -

W.Nr 990006 – Also built / re-built by Flugwerks - Painted as? Or, using the remains of… (pretty sure it’s just painted as) Fw190D-9 original “3-branco” (WNr.210102). This has a Jumo 213 engine though.


Note - Can’t find anything more about this airframe – apart from vague information that it may have become 400616!? Which would explain the lack of info and my confusion over the total numbers of D9’s in existence.

Best image I can find!

W.Nr 400616 – which appears to have the wooden A- frame plate! I can’t find any decent photos of the cockpit area again! But there’s this short vid… See 30 secs in.

Sold 7-8-14 – sales info… - ‘’This aircraft has been restored to static condition. FW 190 D9 WNr. 400616, formerly flown by Uffz. Koch of the famous JG 54 “Greenhearts”. This is one out of only two surviving FW 190 D9 worldwide with authentic serial number and battle history. The aircraft even features the original Jumo 213A previously used on this Serial number.” Quote from the sales agent.


A ‘12’O’clock high’ forum contributor – “The fuselage and tail are 100% flugwerk Fw190A series. Most likely part of the wing structure is also Flugwerk. I had photos of this bird …, and can confirm without a doubt that the fuealage and tail are Flugwerk. This is due to errors made by Flugwerk during production, that are common on all models (and seen in the photos). The angle of the antenna mast on the tail, for example. The rest was added (cowling, engine, etc.) to make it look D9. 100% started as a Flugwerk A model.”

So obviously very unclear, at best.

I can't find decent images of this (apart from see video above).

Conclusion - D-9’s existing airframes – from a quick but semi-detailed look at this…

There seem to be only two 100% original FW190 D9 examples in existence –

W.Nr 210968 - originally in moderately poor shape, recovered from a lake bed. Original A-frame construction unclear, and if there was wood there it may have rotted away.

W.Nr 601088 recovered fully intact from the western front in 1945, with the very curious wooden canopy ‘mating plate’.

I think these below can be ignored from the A-frame construction point of view -

W.Nr 400616 / 990006, the same airframe? The fact that W.Nr 400616, has the same wooden canopy ‘mating plate’, according to the You Tube clip, as 601088 is confusing to say the least. It’s not airworthy and is a little controversial from what I’ve read. I’m not saying it is… but it might be a Flugwerk new build, with some original components used? Whatever the case, it’s certainly been very extensively restored / re-built, whichever. The A-frame construction might accidentally have ended up looking like the only other complete example in existence, because again it was the only reference?

W.Nr 990003, which is, I believe is an acknowledged new build – which doesn’t really prove anything.

Obviously then that leaves exactly one, good condition, complete & original D9 airframe informing us about the A-frame construction. Far from ideal when you remember that this airframe was re-reassembled after the war, with the wrong wings. Eventually, swapped back in 2001.

Some Jumo 'porn' here... When they refitted the right wings...

I think it’s possible that the wooden plate is some kind of ‘shipping lock’ or ‘storage device’. This could easily have become a permanent addition to a static exhibit, after the boffins had finished with it? I’m guessing here obviously.

The thing I can’t get around is that the A and F series together with the only remaining D13 were all metal A-frame construction – why would an un-pressurised D9 be any different?

Above – Veteran - originally A7 W.Nr 640 069, converted during the war to F8 W.Nr 931 994

Above – original A3 (or A1) unknown W.Nr.

Attachment 104029
Above – (attachment) Original D13, Yellow 10, W.Nr 836017 (described as essentially in airworthy condition, but not being flown as it’s the only example of it’s type).

So we’re back where we started – If we want to be sure whether the wooden mating plate is or isn't part of the aircraft - it just leaves period photography… & plans.

There’s lots of info saying that this aircraft - Gerhard Barkhorn’s FW190 ‘Cristl’ of JG6, is a D9.



The slender A-frame with the hole / recess centre top corresponds very well with the D13 A-frame. I’m pretty confident that this D9 canopy A-frame is the same, or very similar construction to the A/F’s and D13.

But I can’t prove it! …yet

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Is the D9 canopy A-frame all metal construction or does it have a wooden ‘mating plate’?


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