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Default no communications menu in tutorial

I am sure this will be a more general problem, but I have not found much on this:

I purchased the L39 today and want to do the first tutorial.... When the instructor asks to open radio communication with the \ button, nothing happens...
I have reasssigned the communications menu to < and also to a joystick button, but unfortunatly without result...

Does anyone here have an idea what the problem might be and how to solve that?
Without this it is absolutely useless to try and do the tutorials an most probably also any other flights....

Thank you!
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I haven't done the L-39 tutorials yet, but in this aircraft when you are in the air you have to use the radio button (the one on the L-39 throttle). You can bind that to a joystick/throttle button.
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Do you use game avionics or flight modes maybe, instead of full simulation? They're known to be causing various glitches and I'd recommend not using them, as they're buggy and poorly supported. They might cause more harm than good to new DCS players.

In the full sim mode, I've just checked, you should be able to contact tower in L-39 with no issues.

For the future reference tip, DCS has two comms commands for all aircraft, one general (\ key) to communicate with groud crew and tower (this one works only on the ground, and sometimes only when the canopy is open), and one for the actual radio button (Alt \) to communicate with everybody, both on the ground and during flight. Forget the former and use the latter, as it's obviously more practical.
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Thank you very much gentlemen for all your suggestions and Art-J is correct: it WORKS...


it needed some experimenting to find out the correct keys to use and what I did for that was to reprogram the command with another button on my keyboard if which I thought it would not be used for anything else..

But what happened was a bit strange. I use a QWERTZ German layout and replaced the \ shown in the list of commands by ´ (accute accent) onyl to be surprised by what that produced! It showed = as a result, but that is actually above the 0 (zero) on my keyboard.

OK, I thought, let´s find out what they use to produce the \ and oh miracle: I found the # is used for that .... !!

So, now that I know that, I have reset the command to the original backslash and use the number sign # on my keyboard to produce that - and it actually works!

It is pretty obvious after this experiment that the command table refers to the the U.S. layout, because there the \ is on the button above the right shift (where the German layout has the #) and the = is just left of the backspace button, where the German has the ´


For others with similar problems: check the key assigments in the general settings and also for the individual airplane you want to fly, because they MIGHT differ.

Thank you all, I can now call the ground crew and get my chocks set ;-)

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