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And when you say "Load the mission" this is on the same computer that you created the mission on right? I know, simple assumption, but when weird things are happening, need to be as specific as possible to find the problem.

We might need to get the livery and the mission to help decipher what is going on.
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yes, one machine.... if I load the mission from inside the mission editor, in the same session even, the plane that appears in world, and the one that appears in the mission editor small window on the loadout screen, are different.

Let me go back to basics here.... Current situation : Skin installed in my user/Saved Games/DCS/Liveries/L-39C folder. Description.LUA is a direct copy of the one used for the Black Shark skin. My skin name is the same name as the Black Shark one, and in the same directory as the description.lua. If I go into mission editor loadout screen, the skin appears in the drop down box, and when selected, the small picture of the plane, shows the correct skin. I save the mission, "play mission" from the editor directly...or play it from the DCS main page, the plane that appears in world is completely different (yes, its not eve the black shark skin, but a plain one with no markings).
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