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Default IE 11, fast

very fast try fixes remember password too
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IE.... I'll pass on that.. Its the best browser to download better browsers and i used it only once, and it was in case of critical HDD failure where all my data was lost
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IE, the best browser for downloading firefox or chrome, now even faster.....

edit: lol
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Namenlos Ein
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We all make our own decisions I personally like IE...I have had all of the others at one point or another. Google may really be evil after all, just to intrusive for may taste.
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Yep.. IE perfectly capable to download Firefox. And that's all I use it for, and all I will be using it for, for any time to come I think..
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Opera ftw! (although I hate them for switching to Chromium and cutting a lot of balls of old 12 version)

I have Windows 8.1 on one of my PCs and IE looks "okeish" but... thanks but no thanks.

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I also use Firefox. Tried Opera which is also nice, didn't try chrome because I dislike Google's data policy, and IE.... No thanks, I'm working in the IT, I can see what it does.

But hey, if it at least works faster now it is good, because I'm tired of telling customers who insist in using IE that it is their browser and not my server that is slow.
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Used IE up to version 8 then called it a day on version 9 when they started overriding websites fonts.
Tried a dozen or so browsers after that (overall layout of Apple's Safari was the worst of these) and ended up with Opera from then on which i really liked but from version 12.xx it went downhill. Way to much hassle to get things like Youtube and stuff working after each update + it got unstable for some reason.
Since then... FireFox (which i ditched at first also because it didn't display font's correctly but that got finaly solved).
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I use -
General 3D modeling thread and reference sites
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