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Default WIP shots of the FRS1 SEA harrier

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Hell yeah! That will be interesting...

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You'd better go through with this because I have already bought a real radar controller for a Sea Harrier, and I can't think of anything else I could use it for
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There's something about knowing that when these aircraft took off from the Hermes and Invincible and from numerous FARPs on the Falklands, it didn't just stem from the fanciful idea of someone sitting in their hobby room thinking to himself, "kewl".
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Looking forward to Flying this on the new Falklands map
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This is a very interesting variant. I hope it will be easier and quicker to make than the AV-8B
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Great thing about this if modelled correctly will be the Blue Vixen radar, it was very capable for its time and formed the base development of the typhoon radar and combined with the Amraam will allow for BVR.

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Yep, Blue Fox radar on the FRS.1 rather than Blue Vixen.

Expect AIM-9J/L (AIM-9M post-Falklands), 1000lb dumb bombs, BL.755 cluster bombs, 2in rocket pods, 30mm Aden cannon, possibly Lepus flares.

Sea Eagle is a possibility if a post Falklands SHAR is modelled as are twin rail Sidewinders increasing the load from 2 to 4. WE.177 nukes seem unlikely...

Pre-Falklands era SHARs had no defensive chaff or flares, unless Razbam model chaff stuffed behind the airbrake and released by extending it. These were added during the conflict, air dropped to the Task Force and then fitted. One other Falklands improvisation was stuffing the contents of an jammer pod into one of the Aden pods (losing a cannon) although it’s not clear they were used operationally.
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