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Originally Posted by AG-51_Razor View Post
It works beautifully in both single player and Multiplayer mode as long as you're the only human spawning. I placed 4 individual units of UH-1's and 4 individual units of Mi-8's on the Tarawa, as you would if you were using the CSAR or CTLD scripts and then had several of my squad mates spawn in. We all wound up on top of each other.
Yeah, it seems it's still bugged for clients...

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Originally Posted by Kappa View Post
Yeah, it seems it's still bugged for clients...
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Just tried setting up a Take-off from Ramp practice mission. Got the waiting bug. I did manage a Take-off from Runway hot start.

I don't think I'd mind so much if it wasn't for the fact that I didn't used to have this problem. I used to play Redkite's tutorial scenario all the time with no issues.
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This might be of interest

When you hit the wrong button on take-off

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It is not an accurate video since he has them taking off from such a short distance for the weight they are carrying. With that weight, according to the VREST/STO page, you need 815 feet to take off properly. Farthest back you can be is 750 on a LHA and they all 'should' take off one at a time from the farthest point back.
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Hi vstolmech513,

Unfortunately you appear to have missed the whole concept of this video. It and the previous video in the series, was designed to provide information regarding the recent TARAWA OpenBeta update and how to make things work from a mission builders perspective; given the current WIP elements.

If you watch both videos, you will see that you can only spawn on the runway (All AV8Bs). You cannot start from the ramp at the stern of the deck, it has not been implemented yet, therefore correct procedures cannot be followed.

The video shows you HOW to launch a four ship fully armed formation given the current situation. I am sure ED are working on this entire scenario for us longer term. Cheers.
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