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View Poll Results: Would you like to see a DCS: IA 58?
Yes, I would (please reply to this thread to explain why) 103 37.18%
No, I wouldn't (please reply to this thread to explain why) 174 62.82%
Voters: 277. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by LevelPulse View Post
Voted no, if anything do the OV-10 Bronco. Then again these aircraft aren't suited for DCS at this time.
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I voted yes...

My first thought is: Why not? Its a cool bird with some (limited?) experience behind it...I'm certain a proper mission/campaign/map maker could make this 1000x better than it seems at first glance.

I'd like a few other things first though...F-15E!...

Anyway, if we're talking COIN birds, A-29!

Originally Posted by OxideMako View Post
(snip) F-105 (snip)
^^Or this, this would make me very happy!
"Salt Shaker" - Long live v1.2.2, home of the 10 minute flight

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voted no: i expect heavier aircraft (
attack plane / fighter)

Why do need another light aircraft? when it is expected Tucano similar purpose ... this type of light aircraft has little interest in terms of combat use in DCS ...

... Helicopters in Razbam are not planned?

по земле скучно ходить...
вот по этому и летаем
когда Ми-24 Hind
когда AH-64 Apache
когда AH-1 Cobra
когда Bo 105
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No, my reasons:

1) Not produced in significant numbers.
2) Didn't participate in a meaningful way in any major wars.
3) Doesn't have any unusual or interesting weapons/systems.
4) Doesn't fill a gap or add any new interesting capability to DCS.
5) Seems completely redundant with the AT-27 Tucano.

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Happy to see (and buy) any DCS level plane you guys feel able to make.
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I voted no, but it's a soft "no".

I like the idea of the Pucara and the unique features it brings to DCS. It's more a matter of what would come with it.

If you created a Falklands map or some other ideal/realistic theater with supporting units for a complete scenario - then I'm all for it and would definitely buy it.

But in the absence of those supporting features, it has much less appeal.

I think that upcoming modules should be selected to "fit" into the existing DCS theaters - maximizing their utility and potential fun.

The AV-8B is a great example, it fits in perfectly to the Black Sea, NTTR, and Strait of Hormuz. There are so many options for campaigns and a wide variety of scenarios (even more so if a LHD carrier is created at some point).

My 2 cents,

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Voted no! The Pucará it's a very limited aircraft! I would prefer the Super Tucano!
Why not the F-117?

Waiting for the F-15E. AV-8B and Tucano! :-D
Mission: "To intercept and destroy aircraft and airborne missiles in all weather conditions in order to establish and maintain air superiority in a designated area. To deliver air-to-ground ordnance on time in any weather condition. And to provide tactical reconaissance imagery" - F-14 Tomcat Roll Call
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A no, but a conditional no: I can dig having more prop planes in DCS, and having more attack-focused prop planes in DCS, but I can't say I much care to have another modern COIN aircraft in game. I'd much prefer something to fill in the gaps we currently have in DCS. Maybe a skyraider, or a multi-engined WWII aircraft could be neat. If we're really digging into my particular wishlist, I'd kill for a proper strategic bomber.

All that being said, this aircraft could be neat, depending on which model was done. I know only one aircraft was ever so-equipped, but having a torpedo-capable IA 58 would bring an interesting new capability to the stable of flyable DCS aircraft.
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i vote no, because i would love to see more legendary jets/probs.
like a F-104G. it would be so great to see a F-104 in the sky.
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Originally Posted by King_Hrothgar View Post
No, my reasons:

2) Didn't participate in a meaningful way in any major wars.
It served in the Falklands war. It scored the only Argentine Air-to-Air kill by destroying a Westland Scout.
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attack, dcs, pucara, razbam, tucano

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