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Originally Posted by Jowen G. Bruère-Dawson View Post
Thanks for your communication. Really appreciate it !

If I may ask ,i know it's the wrong thread but since you talked about FM update, will the F-14 perform better in dogfight after the FM update ? After an OB update, we felt the F-14 slightly... Harder to use in dogfight. I think there was a thread already around this but I didn't understood if, at terms, if the F-14 will be ''better'' or if it will stay like this.

Thanks and really sorry for the lack of precision and sources, currently writting my phone.

Good luck with your work.

With the next FM patch the F-14 should perform noticably better than it does now, a lot better infact as altitude increases. I say this as atm it is 1 G below listed STR already at 15,000 ft, which is a lot.

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I also remember a note in Victory's landing tips that it's a little more difficult to stay in the groove than he remembers, I wonder if that will be affected as well...
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Thanks for all your answers ! Wait and see
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