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Question Cat launch animations - are other planned as well?

From the information gathered so far, on my pre-ordered Supercarrier module, I understand that catapults 1-4 will include automated animations for launch operations.

My understanding is that this is going to be for runway start setting in ME.

Are the taxi and recovery animations also planned for this module at some point?
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I understood that taxiing from a perking spot to the catapult is included. You can even see parts of it in the trailer, with hand signals for hooking up to the catapult, deploying wings and lowering flaps.
Since a "runway" start spawns you on the catapult, fully configure to go, there wouldn't be a reason to have these animations if they didn't intend to support taxiing. At least that's how I see it.
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That would be very cool. I saw this on the "wishlist" forum. I really hope the deck crew assists in taxiing.
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Hopefully we need to ask permission to start and ATC gives us a Cat to taxi to it.

But i dont think we will get a taxi to a parking position after recovery.
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Originally Posted by Larkis View Post
Hopefully we need to ask permission to start and ATC gives us a Cat to taxi to it.

But i dont think we will get a taxi to a parking position after recovery.
At least I want to see the U yellow shirt raising both his/her arms when trapped. You know, eyebrow/peripheral vision. BTW how does a real aviator know which wire he/she snagged? Do they get a crackling headset "THREE WIRE!"

What if they bolter, do they get Mexican/Latino song playing in the headset? (I know, too much Stingers TV here)...

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Well, they can look back and see. The wires don't retract that fast, so the pilot can look over their shoulder while they clear the LA to check.

Also, Paddles takes the grade sheet from the LSO platform to each of the ready rooms and briefs the Squadron Duty Officer on each aircrafts grade and wire. This is the better option because the pilot should be paying attention to the flight deck crew guiding them, not what wire they just snagged.

Also I'm sure after a while they just get a feel for it.

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