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Originally Posted by Coxy_99 View Post
J-15 is just the Russian SU-33 most likely with funky anti collision lights +1 on this request
What are you talking about?
J-15 has far superior avionics and radar. It is basically a carrier version of the J-11B.
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If j-15 is impossible to make than why bother with the chineese carrier?
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You would say no to an AI asset of a Chinese carrier and J-15? To you is there no value In having it in a mission, flying alongside them and supporting them or them supporting you while you fly in J-11 or JF-17? If anything in DCS we have a decent list of flyables but the AI world is lacking in diversity, something CAP is helping us with
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I mean, I'd rather have both the Liaoning and some sort of flyable J-15 (full fi preferably, but if its FC3 I get it). Rather than just AI units. Just having them as AI will be limiting.
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