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Question increase cannon/MG volume

Good day, folks!
I just had a question, how can i increase the MG and cannon volume from the cockpit? With the outside camera (F2 and F4) it sounds great but with full throttle from inside the cockpit i can barely even hear the MG and cannon sounds. How can I fix this?

thanks in advance,
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Edit the corresponding sound files and boost the volume of them.
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To be more precise, you can either edit the volume of .wav samples (too much hassle in my opinion), or "gain" parameter in their corresponding .sdef files (much easier).

If in doubt which files should be tweaked, you can use 5tuka's mod as an example, since it did change the gun sounds as well:
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Originally Posted by razo+r View Post
Edit the corresponding sound files and boost the volume of them.

Assuming they already do not have any values which are at, or close to -0dB. If you simply increase the gain on such files you will introduce distortion.
The only way to increase the *percieved* volume in such cases would be to use some sort of compression/ limiting combo to lift the overall energy of the file without peaking.

A more appropriate (wirouth introducing unwanted artifacts and distortion) way to deal with this would be to LOWER the gain of ALL other sound files in the game, and then increase the master output on soundcard/ windows / speaker etcs.
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